Cristiano Ronaldo Played Soccer In Disguise And Nobody Recognized Him

    "Can I have your number?" "No."

    Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and ROC decided to play a little prank on the people of Madrid, and it was insane. He got in full disguise, and it took hours and a reveal for people to notice him.

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    Ronaldo was put in a bodysuit and given a wig and some epic facial hair to hit the streets.

    He then set up shop in Madrid with his adorable Westie, and started playing around with a soccer ball.

    And people were less than enthused to play with him.

    He even was denied after trying to get a woman's number.

    About an hour in, people finally started to realize he was no ordinary dude playing with a soccer ball.

    After passing the ball with a little boy, Ronaldo picked it up and asked for the boy's name.

    He then took off his disguise, and lit up the boy's face in two seconds flat.

    And people lost their damn minds.

    Like, seriously...