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An Ex-Smoker Without Vocal Cords Sold Cigarettes To Smokers

Smoking may not kill.

João Cândido — father, professor, and Rotary Club president — was diagnosed with larynx cancer due to smoking, resulting in losing his vocal cords. In order to warn smokers of their potential fate, he decided to stand in a market and sell cigarettes.

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After they heard the way Cândido spoke, customers were immediately thrown off.

Once they chose their cigarettes, Cândido began to tell customers his story. He smoked because it was cool, and it looked cool. Everyone smoked.

He eventually started smoking two packs a day, and his addiction began to take over his life. He couldn't go anywhere without the security of knowing he had a cigarette.

Customers then started asking what he was using to speak. It was an electronic larynx.

After hearing his story, the customers were shocked. One man wanted to "give the cigarettes back," while another just got a harsh reality check.

The video ends saying "Smoking may not kill," and encourages people to share the video with someone who smokes.

h/t AdWeek