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A "Football Player" Slayed The Hell Out Of A Cheerleading Dance Break

Sometimes the best dancers are the ones you least expect.

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Oscar Hernandez decided to get in on the action at a recent Arizona Rattlers dance break, and SLAYYYYYYEEEEDDD. The video has been viewed nearly four million times in a little over a day.

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The King ran up like, "Let me show you how it's really done, ladies."

It turns out the Samoan "football player" was the choreographer, and actually choreographs routines for the NBA, NFL, AFL, WNBA, and cheer teams. He posted on Instagram, "IT WENT VIRAL IN 1 DAY CRAZY THANKS FOR THE LOVE YALL."


So basically, he was brought down by the CHEER GAWDS to spread the news of good dancing.

And now you have a new happy dance.

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