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Sunbathing: Expectation Vs. Reality

Spoiler: Tanning kinda sucks, guys.

1. Expectation: “I really do love spending an entire day relaxing in the sun.”

Alliance / Getty Images / Via

Reality: Do you also really love spending an entire night awake and uncomfortable because you managed to get sunstroke? Here’s hoping that you kinda do.

Dj_38 / Getty Images / Via

2. Expectation: “I’ll just read my book in the sun.”

Edithrum / Getty Images / Via

Reality: Negative. You can never get a good angle on your sun lounger, and if it’s super warm, the sun melts the glue of your book.

Cara-foto / Getty Images / Via

3. Expectation: “I’m wearing some make-up just in case that lad nextdoor comes by."

Pawelsierakowski / Getty Images / Via

Reality: Your face paint melts after just an hour, leaving you looking like some modern art project. If that lad did come over, he’d think you looked a little bit weird.

Prill Mediendesign & Fotografie / Getty Images / Via

4. Expectation: “If I use oil when I sunbathe, I'll end up with beautiful olive skin.”

Anna Omelchenko / Getty Images / Via

Reality: Nuh-uh. Nope. You end up a shade of deep purple, looking a bit like a cooked aubergine. Eating aubergines = good. Looking like an aubergine = bad.

Taviphoto / Getty Images / Via

5. Expectation: “My hair will stay like this, right?”

BuzzFeed Violet /

Reality: Hahaha oh, bless you, sweet child – of course it will not.

Thelosteyeball / Getty Images / Via

6. Expectation: “I’ll only need to be out here for a while before I look like a gorgeous sun goddess from an advert.”

As-photo / Getty Images / Via

Reality: Twenty minutes in, and you’re not only bored, your skin is dry as hell. Seriously. You leave a trail of flaked skin behind you like you’re a snake. Unless that was the advert you were going for, in which case, you nailed it, sister.

Lions Gate Films / Via

7. Expectation: “It's a bit cloudy out there. It’ll be fine.”

Cokacoka / Getty Images / Via

Reality: You are hella burnt.

Mtreasure / Getty Images / Via

8. Expectation: “I’ll just pop my shades on and have a little nap in the sun.”

Travnikovstudio / Getty Images / Via

Reality: You now have a bright red face and white goggle patches around your eyes. You look ridiculous and are in a *lot* of pain.

Shvili / Getty Images / Via

9. Expectation: “I’ll nip to the shops after a quick hour of sunbathing. It’d be a shame to waste this weather.”

Ep_stock / Getty Images / Via

Reality: Your boobs are basically now just two receptacles for carrying sweat, and that is way gross.

Besjunior / Getty Images / Via

Mandarin (orange) fruit.

10. Expectation: “Oh what’s this? A message from that guy I've been Facebook stalking all week? I’ll just answer this real quick...”

Ammentorpdk / Getty Images / Via


Ammentorpdk / Getty Images / Via

11. Expectation: "If I split my time exactly fifty-fifty, I'll get the perfect back and front tan!"

Digital Vision. / Getty Images / Via

Reality: Nope.

Fuse / Getty Images / Via

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