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18 Facts That Will Change Your Perception On Tanning

Warning: We're gonna throw some shade here.

Let's start at the top. Everything you believe about tanning is (probably) wrong.

1. A tan *isn't* a sign of healthy skin.

2. You can't build up an "immunity" to your sunscreen.

3. Approximately 1 in 5 women believe a base tan gives you extra protection. It doesn't.

4. It doesn't take much skin damage to age a face by three years.

5. Further effects from long-term exposure include pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity, and a yellowing of the skin.

6. (And yes, that goes for even a tiny little bit of tan.)

7. Tanning isn't just bad for your skin, it's bad for your eyes too.

8. All natural is more fashionable.

9. All this makes the use of tanning beds even more inexplicable.

10. Tanning beds put thousands of people in the hospital each year.

11. Sunburn is sunburn, whether it's painful or not.

12. "Glistening" isn't all that glamorous.

13. You don’t need to sunbathe to make enough vitamin D.

14. When it comes to sunscreen, forget the idea of quality over quantity.

15. In fact, no sunscreen can give you 100% protection (not even SPF 100).

16. Playing "chicken" with the sun isn't a good idea either.

17. The tan won't always come.

18. Ultimately, healthy skin and a natural tan are mutually exclusive.

So #loveyourskin this summer and remember these three key tips:

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