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12 Struggles Of Buying Your First House, As Told By Goats

Don't struggle through the largest transaction of your life. Be sure to take advantage of the specialized knowledge and expertise a REALTOR® can offer.

1. Having to scan through listing after listing after listing.

2. Having to appear appealing to lenders in order to gain that coveted preapproval.

3. Having to learn all the brand-new real estate lingo.

4. Having to deal with other buyers at an open house...

...and having a showing that seemed much larger in the pictures.

5. Having to deal with a dream home that got away.

6. Having to wonder if your couch will fit in a particular room.

7. Having a mini panic attack when your apartment lease is coming to an end, and you're nowhere near close to closing.

8. Having to fight off other bidders and counteroffers.

9. Having to experience the wait from the date of sale 'til the day you have keys in hand.

10. Having anxiety as the inspector does his walkthrough.

11. Having to witness all the additional fees add up.

12. Having to learn to see beyond the "cosmetics."

Your first home should be full of excitement, not regrets. The largest transaction of your life deserves the expertise of a REALTOR®.

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