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12 Struggles Of Buying Your First House, As Told By Goats

Don't struggle through the largest transaction of your life. Be sure to take advantage of the specialized knowledge and expertise a REALTOR® can offer.

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1. Having to scan through listing after listing after listing. / Via

"New construction or preowned? Condo, townhome, or house? City or burbs? Do we really need a half bath? Decisions, decisions, decisions..."

5. Having to deal with a dream home that got away. / Via

"Fine! You can have it! I really didn't want a picturesque family home on a quiet street with good neighbours and extra closet space anyway!"

7. Having a mini panic attack when your apartment lease is coming to an end, and you're nowhere near close to closing.

Your first home should be full of excitement, not regrets. The largest transaction of your life deserves the expertise of a REALTOR®.

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