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12 Decisions That Were Immediately Regretted

Be sure you’re able to live with no regrets when buying or selling your home. Take advantage of the specialized knowledge and expertise a REALTOR® can offer.

1. This fully rounded choice that is definitely too difficult to bounce back from:

2. This curious decision that instantly blew up in his face:

3. This playful swing that really hit 'em where it hurt:

4. This stomping judgement call that kept things grounded:

5. This powerful display of strength that truly brought the pain:

6. This off-the-beat decision that came with some extra baggage:

7. This smashing choice that didn't ramp up to the desired outcome:

8. This toppling choice that brought his world to a crashing halt:

9. This bullish idea that turned out to be relatively short lived:

10. This scientific assessment that was really just a pain in the head:

11. This anticlimactic decision that deserves a toast in its own right:

12. And this daring decision that brought down the house:

Your first home should be full of excitement, not regrets. The largest transaction of your life deserves the expertise of a REALTOR®.

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