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Can You Complete This Campbell’s® Soup Can Workout Challenge?

No weights, no problem! Add some movement to your daily routine by using a pantry staple: Campbell’s® soups, of course! When your workout is complete, reward yourself with the comfort of Campbell’s.

1. Warm Up With “Chicken Noodle” Jumping Jacks

2. Feel That Burn With “SpaghettiOs®” Shoulder Presses

3. Don’t Forget The Back Of The Arms With Tricep “Tomato Soup” Kickbacks

4. Moving On To “Mushroom Soup” Squats For The Ultimate Booty Burn

5. Strengthen Your Quads With “Sirloin Burger” Lunges

6. Get A Belly Burn In With “Cream Of Chicken” Bicycle Crunches

7. Stretch Your Wrists With The “Can Opener” Extensions

8. And Finally, Time For The Cooldown!

Stay happy at home with Campbell’s®.

All images via Marjan Farsad, BuzzFeed.