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13 Thoughts People Who Are Always Hungry Have In The Pantry

Whatever it takes to keep the hunger from getting to full-blown hanger.

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1. "I hope no one notices that I just ate lunch."

2. "I'm just going to see what I'm going to eat for a snack later."

3. "I have no idea what I'm looking for, but lemme see what I got."

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4. "I can tell everyone I *wink* left my water bottle *wink* in *wink* here."

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5. "I should just have toast, right? It's supposed to be filling, isn't it?"

6. "Oh god, what if I get that all over my shirt? Everyone's gonna know."

7. "This is totally going to come back to haunt me."

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8. "How long would it take to walk these calories off?"

9. "What if I just put it on the counter and come back later for it?"

10. "Maybe if I just stare at it all for a bit the hunger will evaporate on its own."


11. "Is it weird to just pour chocolate sauce into my mouth?"

12. "This totally won't be enough, I'm gonna be back here in like five minutes."

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13. "I wonder what it would take to become a snack tester..."

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But when you're looking for a snack that will really hit the spot, think of Campbell's soups!

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