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The Expectations Vs. Reality Of Winter In Cold Climates

It's easy to get excited about snowmen and sledding and canceled school days. But winter isn't all that it's cracked up to be. At least with Campbell's Soup, you can stay warm and cozy this winter!

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1. Expectation: You can't wait for a few feet of snow so you can play in it. Igloo, anyone?

Reality: A few feet of snow is deeper than you realized.

2. Expectation: You will look fabulous in your winter gear.


Reality: No one looks cute with that many layers of sweaters and coats and scarves.

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3. Expectation: You'll spend all winter drinking picture-perfect, marshmallowy hot cocoa.


Reality: All the marshmallows in the instant hot chocolate packet melt immediately.

Tara Parian / BuzzFeed

4. Expectation: Winter in the city will be ~gorgeous~.


Reality: The streets are filled with dirty slush. And trash.


5. Expectation: Winter storms are the perfect excuse to bake and eat lots of yummy comfort food.


Reality: You actually have no food during winter storms because all the grocery stores were ravaged.

Daniel Lobo / (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: daquellamanera

6. Expectation: The icy conditions won't get in the way of you doing important things.

Reality: Walking on ice makes you feel like a newborn baby calf.

7. Expectation: The snow, rain, and wintery weather will be SO romantic.

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Reality: Constantly having wet socks is not conducive to romance.


8. Expectation: This is the year that you'll get really good at a winter sport — like skiing.

Reality: This is not that year.

9. Expectation: Snow days will be perfect for cozying up by the fire.

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Reality: Snow days might also mean that you're completely SNOWED IN.

10. Expectation: All of your social media posts will look like winter wonderland postcards.


Reality: Every picture of snow you take just looks blurry and white.


11. Expectation: You'll impress your crush or significant other with your insane ice skating skills.

Reality: Watching years of televised figure skating has not made you good at skating.

BBC / Via

12. Expectation: You'll take a beautiful winter road trip to enjoy the views.


Reality: Driving in the winter is a real-life nightmare.

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Stay comfy and cozy this winter with a hot bowl of Campbell's Soup!

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