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An Illustrated Guide To The Best Adult Snow Day Ever

Snow days were great as a kid. But snow days as an adult are even better! Whether you’re actually snowed in or just playing hooky, snack on some Campbell’s Soup and have the best snow day ever.

1. To prepare for your snow day, stock up on all your favorite snacks and beverages. Don’t forget the cookie dough and maybe some toilet paper and necessities.

2. Wake up as late as you want and, whatever you do, do not change out of your favorite PJs.

3. Bake some chocolate chip cookies for breakfast since it’s the most important meal of the day. Plus, the heat from the oven will warm up your house, so it’s a win-win.

4. Build an adult-size pillow fort. Add some fancy pillows and string lights to make it more “grown up.”

5. Cuddle up in your fort with a book you never quite got around to reading or a big stack of magazines. (Bonus tip: Grab some comic books for extra fun.)

6. Bundle up for a winter walk in the snow. Don’t forget some wooly socks, and remember mittens are warmer than gloves and way more fun!

7. Roads too snowy for cars? Seize the moment and go sledding — or maybe even skiing — around your neighborhood!

8. Warm up inside by building a roaring fire and filling up on some grilled cheese and tomato soup. (If you don’t have a fireplace, just cuddle up near your radiator — it’s basically the same, right?)

9. Since you’re all warm and cozy now, take a nap! If you aren’t using your snow day to catch up on sleep you’re doing it wrong.

10. Binge-watch all the TV and movies your heart desires without feeling the least bit guilty about it because there’s nothing else to do.

11. End your perfect day by inviting some nearby friends over for a game night, some comfort food, and good cheer!

Make it a snow day you’ll never forget with Campbell’s Soup!

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