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14 Bento Box Versions Of Big Meals

It's never been easier to eat good food while you're on the go. Check out some amazing ways you can pack a big meal in a small package, and check out Campbell's Go™ soups for even more convenient eats.

1. Mac & Cheese Bento

2. Tofu Wrap Bento

3. Potato Latkes Bento

4. Miso Salmon Bento

5. Chili Corndog Bento

6. Mushroom Ravioli Bento

7. Fish Taco Bento

8. Buffalo Wing Bento

9. Jap Chae Bento

10. Chicken Nugget Bento

11. Grilled Cheese Bento

12. Portobello Slider Bento

13. Lemongrass Chili Bento

14. Veggie Meatball Bento