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12 DIY Costumes That Are Better Than Store-Bought Ones

Just because a costume is "official" doesn't mean it will be the best. You can use these DIY costumes as inspiration for next Halloween! And sometimes traveling to get the real deal isn't worth it! Just like Campbell's Go™ soups, you don’t have to get take out to get great Moroccan style chicken.

1. Store-bought Corpse Bride... meh.

Handmade Corpse Bride... AMAZING!

2. Store-bought Brave costume... it's alright.

Handmade Brave costume... wow!

3. Store-bought Wolverine... yawn.

This Wolverine... heck yes!

4. Typical Sexy Hogwarts Students...

This Golden Snitch Costume Is Awesome.

5. This Is Just An Adventure Time Hat...

But these DIY costumes are so much CUTER!

6. This store-bought Alice In Wonderland is.... alright

This handmade Alice In Wonderland is perfect!

7. Why would anyone just want cat ears?

These people went all out! MEOW!

8. Store-bought pirate... decent.

Aye! A beaut!

9. This store-bought Link costume is okay.

This DIY Link is super!

10. These Powerpuff Girl Costumes...must be hot and stuffy in there

On the other hand, these handmade Powerpuff Girls costumes are SO ADORABLE.

11. Lady Gaga?

Superior DIY Lady Gaga costume!

12. This Hulk Is Just Green Body Paint And An Open Shirt

But these handmade costumes save the day!