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10 Places In America To Visit To Get A Flavor Of Another Country

Is your palate in need of some excitement, but your passport is nowhere to be found? Check out all the places you can go in the country to experience international flavors, and to get even more tastes from abroad, and click here to save $1.00 on Campbell's Go™ soups.

1. San Francisco, California Has Unforgettable Japanese Food

2. Brighton Beach In Brooklyn Has Spectacular Russian Food

3. Chicago, Illinois Has Fabulous Greek Food

4. St. Paul, Minnesota Has Amazing Hmong Food

5. Edison, New Jersey Has Delicious Indian Food

6. Washington DC Has Authentic Ethiopian Food

7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Has Mindblowing German Food

8. New Orleans, Louisiana Has Pretty Perfect Creole Food

9. El Paso, Texas Has Incredible Mexican Food

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Has Terrific Italian Food

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