10 Great Music Covers That Are So Close To The Real Thing

Move over pop stars! These amateur singers are here to blow your mind. You know what else is mind-blowing? Campbell’s Go™ soups. They’re so close to the real thing.

1. This girl KILLS “I Will Always Love You” at a grocery store of all places.

2. 1, 2, 3, 4, tell you you wanna hear more from this duo.

3. This talented man sang “E lucevan le stelle,” and he should really quit his day time job and become an opera singer.

4. Beautiful voice + Beatboxing = Perfect cover of “Thinking Bout You”

5. It’s almost scary how close this “Rehab” rendition is to the real thing.

6. This is probably the cutest version of “Home” you’ve ever heard and seen.

7. Can you believe how beautiful this construction worker sings? During his lunch break he croons swing era hits on 2nd Ave in NYC.

8. This version of “Sexy And I Know It” is better than the original.

9. “Isn’t She Lovely?” No, really. Isn’t her cover lovely?

10. Prepare yourself for an amazing cover of “Halo.”

Inspired by Campbell’s Go™ soups. They’re so close to the real thing, you won’t believe it!

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