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Which Member Of SGA Are You?

Find out which SGA-er is most like you!

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  1. Senate Attire?

    LuluLemon Shorts, Frat T-Shirt
    Cowboy Boots and Wranglers
    THAT Red Dress
    Business professional
    Suit and tie, baby
    Something trendy AND casual
    No makeup
    Whatever takes minimal effort to put on
    Slick white suit jacket
  2. What's Your Experience With Legislation?

    What's a bill??
    I've helped FACILITATE bills...
    Too many to count
    I don't write bills, lol
    The only bill writing experience I have is seeing them in an email
    Bills wouldn't be formatted correctly if it weren't for me
    No one taught me how to write one...
    Less than 5
    I've added my name to some bills for the credit
    I prefer resolutions
  3. Parli-Pro?

    Robert's Rules of Order
    Mason's Manual
    What's Parli Pro?
    "On Information"
    It's my second language
    Who cares?
    Never learned it
    I've come to understand it over the years
  4. What Committee Are You In?

    IA Tribe
    I have scheduling conflicts...
    Not on one
    Internal Affairs, the most important committee
  5. What Are You Caught Doing During Senate?

    Writing brag-bags
    Paying attention?
    NOT paying attention
    I'm not at Senate
    Asking questions
    Taking minutes/notes
  6. How Often Are You in the Offices?

    I live there
    Around lunchtime
    Whenever it's movie and nap time
    I'm not
    We have offices?
    Almost everyday
    Last week of the month to get my hours in
    When I'm bored
    When I've got homework to do
  7. So Brag Bags...

    I take the insults like a champ
    I don't read the mean ones about myself
    I write a few nice ones here and there
    I don't write any because I don't want to hurt others feelings
    I write 90% of them
    "Nick Scott Sucks"
    I write 10% of them
    I'm the brag bag punching bag
  8. Senate Crush?

    Kase Doner
    I'm unavailable
    Molly Turner
    Bri Strahorn
    John Galt
    Bradley Burt
    A Republican
    Brooke Bastie
    Ridge Hughbanks
  9. What Constituency Do You Represent?

    I don't anymore...
    Arts and Sciences
    #Frat #Srat
  10. What Side of the Chamber Do You Sit On?

    By my fellow college senators
    Smack dab in the middle
    The front, where I belong
    By Dillj
    The front
    The back
    By my friends
    Middle, but not right in the middle
  11. What is Your Favorite Part About Being in SGA?

    Helping others
    Resume builder
    My friends are in it
    My office
    The potential
    The people
    The power
    I want to go into politics so it's a good experience
    Not having to really do anything
  12. How Do You Respond in the GroupMe?

    *Removes self only to return days later
    I hate the group me, its annoying
    Something too serious for group me
    Insults others/seeking information
    Something nice/seeking information
    *Leaves groupme
    *Removes someone
    What group me?
  13. You'll Grow Up To Be...

    All-American Wife
    Broker on Wall Street
    I'll let you know
    Hopefully not homeless
    A politician
    A parent
    A Farmer
  14. You Were Probably Voted Most...

    Likely to skip senate
    Likely to be shot by his/her own troops
    Likely to be missed
    Likely to pre-game senate
    Cutest couple
    Outstanding senator/committee chair/FRC-er
    Best Dressed
    Most Frat/Srat
    Be irrelevant

Which Member Of SGA Are You?

You got: Ridge Howell

The VERY rare occasions that you do show up to Senate, you're probably either under dressed or have on an obnoxious amount of show make up on. The only times you make an appearance in the offices are with Ranchers in hand and to take a nap and watch a movie in your office. You may be the sassiest member of SGA, but you tell it like it is and you fight for your people. For that, you are loved.

Ridge Howell
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You got: Marcus Heald

You're all about the technicalities...and hearings. You'll get shot by your own troops, but only in the leg. They know deep down inside that they need your parli-pro skills when referring to Title 77 Article 104 Section 29 Subsection

Marcus Heald
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You got: Sarah Sauer

You're the Senate sweetheart...sweeter than the cupcakes you always offer to bake! You are more beautiful than a rainbow and you may or may not float on clouds. You're always sure to abstain from a vote at the risk of hurting someone's feelings. You're way out of SGA's league!

Sarah Sauer
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You got: Nick Scott

You suck.

Nick Scott
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You got: Cam Close

You make the groupme, leave, and then come back? Your mind is about as consistent as the chat's profile picture. People give you crap because you're so gosh darn nice. If a gavel goes missing, people know who to suspect...*cough cough*

Cam Close
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You got: A Freshman (or new Senator)

You're new here and you're really not sure what's going on or what you've gotten yourself into. Don't worry little bird, you've got plenty of friends here to help you fly!

A Freshman (or new Senator)
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You got: Molly Turner

"Strong independent woman that don't need no man is your name, taking minutes is your game." Literally nothing would get done without you and your stellar dresses. You ARE the Senate with the help of your trusty side kick to defend your honor...Holland.

Molly Turner
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You got: Will Coots

You're too smart for your own good and because of it, you take everything too far all the time every day. You remind people of the classic 80's character that asks too many questions and uses too many gifs. The word "extra" may have been inspired by you. Bagel anyone?

Will Coots
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You got: A Farmer

You probably sit on the right side of the chamber, to match your right-winged ways. The only thing you're more dedicated to than trying to get guns on campus is the FFA...and brag bags.

A Farmer
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You got: Dillon Johnson/ Bradley Burt/Jeremey Dozier

You're a lame duck. Who cares about those bills you still need to sign? Your days are filled with more important things like award banquets, watching West Wing, and consuming copious amounts of alcohol...staying as far away from campus as possible. You served your time, you don't need an agenda...or SGA. *Leaves group me*

Dillon Johnson/ Bradley Burt/Jeremey Dozier
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