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Creepy To Historical: Top 7 Dark Tourist Sites You Should Visit

From haunted houses to creepy corn fields everyone has heard of at least one or two "dark tourist" sites. Not all of these attractions are for show. There is history in the creep factor of the Lizzie Borden house, just like you can get chills from walking by Auschwitz. I think these seven places are worth a visit if not for a history lesson, then for the enjoyment of being scared.

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1. Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast / Via

The Lizzie Bordon Bed and Breakfast is located on Second Street in Fall River, MA. If you know the story of the Lizzie Bordon murders, whether you've watched the movies, seen the show, or just read about it online and became interested in the story you will love this house. For those who think Lizzie Borden took the ax or just enjoy a good scare then you should stay over night: there are fun tricks the owners play on the guests over night for an extra thrill. You can even get married there if you love it enough!

2. Aokigahara forest, Japan / Via

The Aokigahara forest in Japan other wise known as the suicide forest is one creepy place. You may not want to visit this place because you probably wont be allowed to, but you should definitely read about it. Hundreds of people have gone to this forest to commit suicide just like this gentlemen and as terrible as it is it is quite the interesting phenomenon.

3. Pompeii, Italy / Via

Everyone knows what happened in Pompeii, volcano erupted killed a lot of people in the city in 79 A.D., the entire city was covered in ash. This photo above shows real ruins of victims of this tragic accident and we can still make out the bodies today. Tourists can visit this city not just to see the ruins but the temples and Roman Theaters. If you find yourself in Italy make it a point to stop in Pompeii. You wont regret it.

4. Princess Diana Memorial / Via

This one is more tragic then creepy; however, people still visit this memorial to pay homage to the late Princess Diana. She died in an car accident underneath this bridge so the "Flame of Liberty" became a sort of memorial for her even though that is not what it was meant to be. Next time you're in France come take a glance at this memorial read what it was really for.

5. London Dungeon / Via

This is an extremely commercialized dark tourist site but it is definitely worth a visit. This hilarious and scary attraction sits in London. The actors tell stories about London's actual history and legends. There are even actors playing roles such as Sweeney Todd. Sound fun? Take a trip to the London Dungeon for all your scare needs.

6. Holocaust Memorial in Boston / Via

This New England Memorial was inspired by survivors of the Holocaust in Boston. This memorial represents the outcomes of evil and discrimination. This beautiful outdoors memorial is open to the public. These glass walls have millions of numbers etched into it representing the tattoos found on Holocaust victims. Come take a look at this memorial its beautiful and full of hope, plus you can learn some history.

7. 9/11 Memorial & Museum / Via

This memorial museum was built to honor the victims of the attack on September 11, 2001. Inside you can find artifacts from 9/11 such as a fire truck and there are hundreds of pictures drawn by artists in response to 9/11. You will definitely learn something about the attack you probably didn't know, plus for those who have a family member that was a victim of this tragedy there is an area just for you. Come visit this memorial and museum in New York, New York.

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