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    27 Latinx Inspired Gift Ideas That Are *Actually* Amazing

    Spice up your gift giving game with these Latinx inspired gifts--dad, boyfriend, best friend, or dog, hay algo para todos! But don't procrastinate--small shops don't do prime shipping!

    1. A MAGA hat we can *all* agree on...

    StreetRebirth / Via

    MAGA as in.... "Make Carne Asada Burritos $5.00 Again" (PREACH!!!!) available here for only $18.00.

    2. Know someone who loves Selena?

    AnnaMariaGarza / Via

    More like, who doesn't?! Spice up someone's decor and snag this Selena art print here for +$12.25.

    3. Try not to get the warm fuzzies with this one...

    RaqPaperScissorsCo / Via

    Everyone's space could do with some more amor, so spread the love with this Walter Mercado quote print, featuring metallic moon and star details. Find it here for only $12.00.

    4. Stickers that channel the power of Latina mothers everywhere...

    TheWednesdaysArt / Via

    Didn't get a gift from your SO? Pobrecita. Got a paper cut wrapping presents? Sana sana colita de rana... Caught peeking at your gifts? Beware of the chancla.

    This Things My Hispanic Mom Says Sticker Pack is yours mija, for only $12.00 here (also, 🚨great BFF or sister gift alert!!! 🚨).

    5. The only dad hat that will make your mouth water...

    LeahOwenArt / Via

    That's right, a Pan Dulce Dad Hat available in 10 different colors!! Get it here for $32.00.

    6. Who say's your tree can't have an appetite?

    LuzDeLunaCrafts / Via

    An appetite to LOOK FRIGGIN' DELICIOUS!!! That's right, Pan Dulce Tree Ornaments, order a pack of three for $15.00 here.

    7. Calling all Cubanitas!!

    trendymixx / Via

    I don't know who will enjoy this more, your little Cubanita or her mother and all her tías. #croquetalyfe

    Join the ranks of the best gift giving prim@s, tí@s, y herman@s of all time by ordering one here for $12.00.

    8. A Spanglish gem for the Star Wars fan in your life

    ArkansasGraphix / Via

    "Vamos a ver Estar Guars, ¿no?"

    And you can check even more gifts off your list, because it's available in kids *and* adult sizes, from only +$11.99 here.

    9. "¡Ay %#@&!, where's my purse?"

    Peralta Project / Via

    You know her. She's classy, and sassy. And if she's ever said any sentence that starts with ¡Ay %#@&!, you have to get this for her.

    Snag one here for only $20.00

    10. The best way to "clutch" your culture close to heart...


    Meet LA NEWYORKINA CLUTCH, the accessory turning *OG* latin embroidery into the every day, minimalist must-have. This artisan handbag is made using a pedal machine--ya, just like the kind your abuelita had so you know it's legit!

    Choose your color and order one here.

    11. To share the history you never learned but always needed...

    Ilan Stavans (Author) / Via

    Give the gift of knowledge, because Latino U.S.A., A Cartoon History is the only book that will have your sobrinos *and* your tíos sitting down to read.

    Add to your Amazon cart here.

    12. Because lipstick is a Latina's best friend...


    Meet Vive Cosmetics: not only do they make their goods cruelty free, vegan, and in the U.S.A., but they serve up some serious make-up game made by Latinas, for Latinas.

    Check out their ¡QUÉ MATTE! Lipstick line here, and use code VAMOS25 or VAMOS30 for 25-30% off.

    13. ¡Viva la mujer...y tambien el iPhone!

    TRENZA / Via

    So you can protect your loved one's blazing fire of empowerment, and their iPhone, all with the same gift. (Samsungs too, no phone hate here!)

    Order the case she'll actually want to use here for $18.25. No phone? No problem. You can also get it as a tote bag.

    14. Because high 👏 school 👏 Spanish 👏 won't 👏 be 👏 enough!


    Because your chiquitito should learn to read Spanish at home, not for the first time in 10th grade. ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ EL COQUÍ? is the *perfect* gift for the little one in your life, and even better if you read it with them.

    Order here for only $13.99.

    15. For the person who loves flan...but can't make it

    Oh Comadre Candles / Via

    Behold: the best gift for any flan-lover (and let's be real, if they don't love flan then why are you even getting them a gift anyways?!)

    Order a hand made flan candle here for only $14.99 (and if you've never purchased a candle before, that's actually *not* expensive for one.)

    Don't worry, pan-dulce lovers and abuelita hot chocolate lovers can get candles too.

    16. For the person who *always* gets sick...

    Oh Comadre Candles / Via

    ¿Te sientes mal mijito? We all know someone who is *always* getting sick. Give them one of these and next time it'll be like mamí is right there taking care of 'em (note: tecito not included).

    Get one here for only $12.99.

    17. Say it louder for the people in the back...


    For the empowered Latina who wears style with a statement. And it gets better: the shirts are Made in the U.S.A and donate a portion of the profits to the ACLU (don't forget to mention that in your card!)

    Snag one here for $30.00, and another for your latinita here, cuz they come in kids sizes!

    18. Because even the most chingona still have isht to carry around

    Unapologetically Latinx / Via

    From her signature red lipstick, to her rosary, get ya girl a gift that tells it like it is. Her eyeliner and her charger have no business being carried around in anything less.

    Order one here for only $15.99.

    19. Nena nena nena nena nena nena nena nena... BATMAN!

    2018 Hola Dear Deer / Via

    Maybe you call her nena. Maybe her dad does. Maybe her tía does, or her brother, or her best friend. This is *the* gift for the girl who responds to "nena" better than her own name.

    Order one here for $25.00.

    20. For the pan dulce lover. AKA literally anyone ever.

    LeahOwen / Via

    Get this for someone who's love of pan dulce needs to be displayed to the world, in the most stylish way possible.

    Available here.

    (I have a thing for pan dulce, sue me!!!)

    21. For the one who needs a piece of home, at home.

    deificus Art / Via, Timothé Basile / Via

    Who said souvenirs had to be tacky? Gift this Mexico City print to bring an elegant, minimalist touch of Mexico into any home. Or maybe this Guatemala poster to add some warmth to empty walls.

    Each available for only $19.99.

    Like the idea but not quite right? You can find one for almost any city or country, like Santiago or Cuba. Try searching on Etsy or Society6!

    22. For that one friend who is *obsessed* with bath bombs...

    Loquita Bath + Body / Via

    La Panadería meets bath time: I give you, the Panadería Bath Bomb Holiday Gift Set. Who wouldn't want to relax after a long day with a hot bath...and come out smelling like pan dulce?

    Grab a set here for $25.00.

    23. Because llama puns are *so* overdone...

    Cat Coquillette / Via

    Give the gift of home decor with a subtle tribute to an Andean icon, because llamas were *so* 2013. Card idea alert: "Alpaca-it back up if you make a llama joke."

    Available here for $22.99

    24. For the Dominicana you're shopping for...

    TraciWithaniDesigns / Via

    Because the DR is love, and love is the DR, and that's worth putting up on a wall and seeing every day.

    Order one here for only $9.95.

    25. Because wine is ALWAYS a good gift

    Ceja Vineyards / Via

    Wine is a classic go-to gift. But this time, get the wine that Cesar Chavez would cry happy tears over: wine from a Latino family owned winery.

    Shop Ceja Vineyard's wines here (ages 21 & up).

    26. Say "yassss güey" to this phone case

    Hija de tu Madre / Via

    The perfect gift for that one friend who's favorite word is "güey".

    Grab one here, güey, for only $9.99. Better act fast, they're low on stock güey!

    27. For the perrito that actually gets walked (throwing shade at you tía!)

    HeyPuppyLA / Via

    Get a one of a kind, embroidered dog leash made by a Latino owned company in the heart of Downtown LA. Plus, each purchase supports the Watts Project, Downtown Dog Rescue, and the Downtown Women's Center.

    Order one here.

    Do you have any 🔥🔥Latinx gift ideas? Comment below!!