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10 Things You Can Tell About Your Date Through Body Language

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1. So! First of all, the vibe your receive from your date when you first meet them is very important!

Are their hips facing you? Are they looking you in the eye? This way you can tell they are comfortable trying new things!

2. Do they seem relaxed?

Of course when you're on a date people are nervous! But, if there is an awkward tension throughout, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

3. What facial expressions are they making?

When people smile naturally, it's with their mouth AND their eyes. Of course, your date might be nervous, but it should make you wonder why your date is only giving you false smiles.

4. Are they not making much eye contact?

This should not always be a deal-breaker! Don't worry if they're looking down and away a lot โ€” they might just be feeling shy because you're so darn pretty.

5. And how much are they blinking?

Faster-than-average blinking, or 0 blinking, might mean they're lying about something. To give you a gauge, most people blink about six to 10 times per minute.

6. What's going on with their hands? Open palms or closed?

If they're talking about their favorite One Direction member with one open palm while their other hand is clenched, it suggests they miiiiggght not be telling you the truth. But you gotta love them for trying.

7. How are they holding their hands? Close to their body?

They are unintentionally creating a barrier between the two of you. This could be a sign they feel uncomfortable or disinterested.

8. Now this might seem funny, but are they mirroring your body language?

Think it's weird? Well, relax! This usually means they are super into you.

9. Want another easy way to see if they're into you?

Try looking away then glancing back at them to see if they are looking at you. Often, if they are into you, they'll try and sneak in a closer glance!

10. And of course, in the end, just go with your gut!

While body language can be very telling, it is not foolproof. You know best!

Try wearing Reveal, the new fragrance for her from Calvin Klein, on your next date!

All the GIFs in this post are courtesy of Calvin Klein