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Cereal Mascots Ranked From Worst To Best In Terms Of Friendship

Who will drive you to the airport and who will get drunk with you but disappear with someone random, leaving you stranded? Also, why are there no female mascots?

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9. Cocoa Puff's Bird


I mean...look at his eyes. That tells you all you need to know. He is so scary dedicated to cocoa puffs that he will promise to pick you up from your oral surgery, but never show. And he won't give any explanation. But you'll know it was because he was trying to get some puffs. Selfish.

8. Toucan Sam


I feel like he's shifty...he's always disappearing randomly. He abandoned his nephews once! He goes off on his own and leaves his family behind, worried and determined to find him. Is he going on benders? Like, stop, Sam.

7. Snap, Crackle, and Pop


Well, I guess if you're a girl and you're really into being "just one of the guys", this is a good group for you? They seem to already be best friends, or brothers who are really close. Or they're in a relationship. That's all fine, but I already survived middle school, okay, I don't need to fight my way into another group. Next, please.

6. Lucky the Leprechaun


This guy seems shady, but kind of in a fun way? He knows the cool places to go out and great places to eat, but definitely do not tell him any secrets, because he'll tell everyone. Also, he's clearly selfish as all hell. I mean, just let those kids have the freaking cereal. You can get more. Honestly.

5. The Trix Rabbit


He's 100% a drug addict, and he will do almost anything to get his next high. But he's committed, and he would be a solid and loyal friend. And he runs all over the damn place trying to get that cereal, so he clearly likes to travel. So if you can look past his erratic behavior on occasion, you'll have a lifelong pal who will go to Europe with you!

4. Tony the Tiger


No pants = obviously down to have a good time. He and I would get along smashingly because I, too, dislike pants. His red bandana is also v on-trend. But even though he's super tall and would absolutely let you sit on his shoulders at a concert, he's big and loud, so no flying under the radar. You won't be able to sneak out of parties unnoticed, so why bother with the friendship?

3. Captain Crunch (Horatio Magellan Crunch)


He'll be able to get you into cool clubs and parties because of his rank, which is nice. He's an old man, though, so the odds are low that he parties with you. But he has the face of a kindly grandpapa and he probably gives really good advice. The kind you need to hear, not the kind you want to hear. He won't let you hide from yourself, mister.

2. Bad Apple & CinnaMon


Everyone loves an odd couple! These two are begrudging besties, and they would probably be happy to make their duo a trio. CinnaMon obviously is down to chill; he'll do yoga with you, go shopping, take naps, whatever you want. He's just a go-with-the-flow dude. And Bad Apple will harass you into being your best self, because he knows you haven't reached your full potential.

1. Buzz


First of all, look at that face. He's adorable!! He wants what's best for you! Protect him! Bees are dying at an alarming rate!! He will totally fly by your ear and whisper things to say if you're on a date or a job interview. And probably he'll sting anyone who's a jerk to you. Buzz is the tiny man.

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