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72 Thoughts Twins Have When Someone Asks “Are You Twins?”

Before you ask, no, my twin doesn't know I'm writing this post ~telepathically~.

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1. Uh, do I know you?

2. Oh, no I do not.

3. Neither does my twin. Cool.

4. Um, yes, we are.

5. Thanks for asking.

6. Oh, they have more questions.

7. Okay, no we don't do everything together.

8. We just happened to be out of all groceries, so here we are.

9. Yes, we live together, for the time being.

10. We kinda grew up together?

11. So that's why we live together.

12. It was just easier this way.

13. No, we don't have telepathy.

14. If we had telepathy, only one of us would be at the store so we wouldn't get asked these questions.

15. Wait…

16. Have you ever actually met someone who has telepathy?

17. Why are we still being asked this?

18. Has anyone watched Sister, Sister??

19. Or Double Teamed?

20. The Parent Trap?

21. I know Lindsay Lohan isn't an actual twin, but it's still a good movie!

22. RIP Natasha Richardson.

23. That is, without a doubt, the number one question we get asked.

24. Has anyone actually said yes to having telepathy?

25. And they weren't joking?

26. Because we've played pranks on people and made them believe we had it, but it was just a rouse.

27. Yeah, we were brats growing up.

28. Yes, we know we are not wearing the same clothes.

29. That doesn't make us any less "twin" than it does if you wear the same clothes with your best friend who is the literal opposite of you looks wise and caption your Instagram with "twinzzzzz".

30. Honestly, that's more annoying than if we actually wore the same clothes.

31. Because the twins that do it are just adorable!

32. Young or old.

33. Why are you reaching toward me?

34. Quit pinching me!

35. No, my twin CAN'T feel that, no matter how hard you pinch!

36. Wow that hurt.

37. Also, wtf you don't even know me.

38. "What's it like being a twin?" uhhhhh idk fam

39. What's it like NOT being a twin?

40. We don't know anything different.

41. Yeah, I do occasionally answer to the other twin's name.

42. We're trained to do so because our parents/friends will sometimes mix us up.

43. Yes, we do pretend to be the other person if it's a stranger.

44. It's just awkward telling them they have the wrong twin.

45. Has this person never met a set of twins in their life?

46. I really don't think they have.

47. No, we are not test tube babies.

48. That was personal.

49. I really don't think you should be asking that question.

50. I REALLY don't think you should be asking if my mom gave birth to us naturally.

51. That's just freaky.

52. And you don't even know her, wtf.

53. Okay, finally back to the basic questions.

54. Yeah, we're a minute apart.

55. That's not really enough time for there to be an "older" twin, but okay.

56. I guess its nice being the younger twin?

57. Idk dude, we're ONE MINUTE apart.

58. How can she hold that over me?

59. That makes zero sense.

60. Birthdays are fine because we have someone to look at while people sing "Happy Birthday".

61. In your face, nosy stranger.

62. We still don't know this person's name.

63. Our ice cream is going to melt before we even get out of the store.

64. Don't think I won't blame you, stranger.

65. Please stop asking us questions.

66. We're actually very boring people.

67. We're not fascinating at all.

68. Go home to your family.

69. I think they miss you.

70. One more question?

71. Okay fine.

72. "Do you like being a twin?" HELLLLLLL YEAH WE DO

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