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Most Popular "Cheap“ Make Up Product!

These kind of make up product are really brilliant that you could just buy it in the nearly drugstore like CVS or Walgreen!!! So exciting that you could just spend very less money to have the most brilliant make up product!!

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L'OREAL 24HR Foundation


This foundation is really good for oil skin! It will give you a perfect face for all day! It also have strong ability to hide the defect! it will let you feel very comfortable all day!

Physicians Formula lovely Blush!

This blush is so cute! And the pink colour will let to looks like a lovely girl! It won't let you feel very dry with your face! And it could keep on your face through all day!!

Physicians Formula eyeliner

This eyeliner is super cheap as a eyeliner which is really good for daily use! I could let your eyes seems brighter and bigger. The eyeliner pen is super soft to use. It won't be disappear or destroy your makeup even if use water on your face!

NYX Color Correcting

This six color for color correctly is super good for people who have dark point or black eye, you could use if before the foundation, it could let your face looks much better than before, it could let your dark point or red point totally disappear!

NYX Matte Bronzer

Every girl want to be pretty and thin. This bronzer could let your face looks much smaller and healthier. Also this bronzer won't let you feel very dry for your skin. And it could stay on your face through all day!

Neutrogena makeup remover

This makeup remover is I love the most, I use it everyday before I supposed to clean my face. It could easily bring out all of your daily makeup without any simulate. It also very cheap and easy to buy it. You could even find it in every CVS or market in your town.

Those product are really good and cheap for girls' daily makeup! It is really amazing!

I believed everyone would like to use less money to have a brilliant makeup product! Those choices could really help you a lot! I use it every single day! If you want it! Just found it in your nearly cvs or walgreen!!

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