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14 Vintage Golfing Looks To Channel On And Off The Course

Golf is one part patience and two parts style. You provide the patience, and let Callaway provide everything else!

1. This dapper reinvention of athleisure:

2. This proof that if you can golf in heels, you can do anything in heels:

3. These outstanding pant patterns:

4. This effortlessly stylish traditional look:

5. This outfit that shows it's not just men who can wear plus fours:

6. This take on a comfortable golf glove:

7. This belt matched with those shorts:

8. This cardi/turtleneck look:

9. This cool art deco skirt:

10. This classic style with a mod twist:

11. These smart looks that are owning that putting green:

12. The subtle elegance of this blue glove:

13. This perfectly relaxed silhouette:

14. Finally, this truly impressive 'stache-cap combo:

Looking for your perfect golf getup? Look no further than Callaway.