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12 Reasons Why Your Next Server Deserves A Gift

Servers are the heroes we need but don't deserve tbh. With your next tip, give yours a Holiday Scratchers® from the California Lottery — it could be the best gratuity they've ever earned.

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1. They've been stiffed on huge checks when the service was flawless.

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2. Missing a shift without getting coverage isn't an option. Like, ever.

3. They force more laughs than a game show host.


4. And they can do nothing but deal with it when a party of 17 comes in five minutes before closing.

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But, like, really? You're doing this?

5. They deal with chefs. Chefs can be pretty intense.

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It's just common knowledge in the biz.

6. They can do nothing but oblige when they're lied to right to their faces.


7. But seeing their favorite regular can save their entire day.

8. Even though they're always getting blamed by others for the kitchen's blunders.

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9. And if they're really makin' those tips, they're not catchin' those Z's.

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Three clopens, two doubles, and 7 hours of sleep total in three days. That's the server's life.

10. Their "paydays" are nothing to get jazzed about.

11. They have stress dreams about the littlest work flubs.

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"OMG I never brought that lady her ranch."

12. But at the end of the day, a great customer can make up for everyone else's general awfulness.

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Be the human equivalent to the party of 34 who asks for one check: Treat your next server to Holiday Scratchers® from the California Lottery with your tip of at least 20%. ;)