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13 Problems Only Almond Lovers Will Understand

Can you make it through this post without craving almonds?

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1. You cringe when people refer to almonds as "nuts."


2. Any snack that isn't almonds is a complete disappointment.

3. Eating a can of mixed nuts feels like panning for gold.

4. You constantly find pocket almonds when you do laundry.

And you totally eat them because the best almonds are surprise almonds!

5. People often say you have the diet of a chipmunk (and you're OK with that).

After all, chipmunks have great taste in snack foods.

6. Your co-workers stop by your desk to casually grab some of your almonds like they're not your most prized possession in the entire world.

7. You're so tired of explaining to people why almonds are better than any other snack food they could possibly think of.

8. You just wish there were almonds on EVERYTHING.

9. You can't stop watching YouTube videos of almonds being harvested.

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10. You don't understand why people don't respect almond butter as the culinary delicacy that it is.

11. You ask for almond milk in your coffee, and they give you cow juice instead.

12. You once bought a ticket to an Allman Brothers concert and were very disappointed.

13. You dream about almonds. Every. Single. Night.

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