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    17 Father's Day Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Use

    Sphere ice molds, sleek razors, and more cool gifts your dad will use all the time.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Father's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the June 20th!

    1. A set of large sphere ice molds so your dad can sip on a cocktail in the most efficient way possible, according to physics. Since spheres have the lowest surface area per unit volume, they melt more slowly so you can sip your cooled drink over an extended period of time without having it watered down. This also helps release the liquor's aromas and subdued tones from the water to reveal their full characteristics.

    2. This set of two whiskey glasses with a chrome rim that pay homage to the '50s and '60s classic roly poly glass, designed by well-known modernist artist Dorothy Thorpe.

    3. A shaving razor christened "the Cadillac of razors" by Queen Lori herself on Shark Tank. It has three custom shave settings, so they can achieve a great shave without ingrown hairs and irritation.

    4. A sleek, minimalist, and affordable Seiko watch that's perfect for the kind of dad who doesn't want too many bells and whistles — just a classic, stylish watch that tells the dang time without sacrificing quality.

    5. A multipurpose 6-inch kitchen knife with a high-carbon stainless-steel blade for dads who know their way around the kitchen.

    the chef's knife on top of a piece of paper that's been cut with the knife

    6. An elegant leather desk pad that looks and feels high-end while protecting your workspace from scratches and spills.

    a brown leather desk pad on top of a wide wooden desk

    7. A holy-grail beer glass designed by a craft beer expert and referred to by some as "the world's best beer glass."

    a Teku glass filled with beer

    8. A small but powerful jar of all-purpose leather conditioner, because it'll significantly help restore the shine and extend the life of your father's leather goods.

    a jar of leather conditioner next to a pair of brown leather shoes, with the one on the left looking more vibrant and showing less scuffs than the right one after being treated with the conditioner

    9. A Tile Bluetooth tracker designed specifically for wallets for the dads who are always misplacing their stuff.

    10. A popular fountain pen for beginners so your dad can stop using cheap, unreliable pens and start jotting down notes with a pen that'll basically pay for itself over time.

    fountain pen lying on top of a journal with notes on it

    11. And a bottle of smoky grey fountain pen ink with gold flecks in it for their new fountain pen that has exceptionally low dry times, minimal bleeding and feathering, and looks approximately a hundred times more interesting than your everyday black ink.

    the bottle of fountain ink

    12. A low-profile, under-$10 slim wallet if your dad is the kind who prefers to carry the bare minimum around.

    13. This ergonomic mouse that's a little on the pricier side, but will make any time spent working from home easier with its unique design and all of its customizable bells and whistles.

    the mouse

    14. Would this really be a Father's Day roundup if it didn't include the Scrub Daddy, aka one of the best-selling Shark Tank products of all time?

    the textured sponge sitting next to a kitchen sink

    15. A glass whiskey decanter with one very important distinction from other options: its stopper is made out of cork, not glass. Glass stoppers aren't airtight and alcohol will eventually start evaporating out if the whiskey is left in a glass decanter for too long. A cork stopper does a better job at protecting your liquor.

    the glass decanter with cork stopper

    16. This security camera that links up with your smartphone and can be controlled with Alexa so your father can finally keep tabs on who keeps adjusting the dang thermostat.

    17. And this Picaridin-based repellent to equip your dad with a trusty bug spray that'll protect against nasty bites from bugs like mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, chiggers, and more.

    the bug repellent

    Your dad receiving an amazing gift:

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