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The Last Month Of Senior Year, As Told By Office Gifs

Second semester senior year is a tough one. There are lots of emotion and lots of panic. Here's the last month of college as told by The Office.

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Realizing you don't have enough money to pay rent, insurance, phone bills, food, etc.

Going out 6 nights in a row "while you still can," even though you have to be up at 9 for class tomorrow

Thinking about not waking up 15 feet from your best friends in less than 5 weeks

Still being obligated to go to club and organization meetings you've been a part of since freshman year

Realizing you still don't know how to pay a mortgage, do your taxes, or change a car tire

When it's April and you still don't have a job lined up for after graduation

Dreading saying goodbye to all of your best friends and favorite place

Trying to study for finals, apply for jobs, and update your LinkedIn while still squeezing in time to spend time with friends and enjoy your only month left

Rambling on in an interview about how your current irrelevant job is the most important, relevant, and life-changing experience you've ever had

When everyone you know starts getting engaged but you're still extremely single

Trying to be happy for your friends as they start getting successful offers for post graduation

Thinking back to all the gen-ed classes you took freshmen year that didn't help anything and now are the reason you can't underload as a second semester senior

When your mom accuses you of not trying hard enough to get a job

But knowing you have all the best memories and get to come back to visit for years to come

Author: Caitlin Watkins

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