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Why Special Agent Dale Cooper Is The Perfect Man

Dale Cooper is an FBI Agent from the television show Twin Peaks. Dale Cooper is also the perfect man. Be more like Dale Cooper.

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2. He respected Denise's preferred pronouns and name.

This one really shouldn't be a big deal seeing as everyone should already have this kind of respect, but 1991 was a long time ago, and Cooper accepted her right away.

4. He doesn't take advantage of people.


When Audrey was upset, she went to Cooper's room and waited for him in his bed. Rather than shoot his shot when she was vulnerable, he was a good friend and let Audrey vent her problems.

7. He's played by Kyle MacLachlan, AKA an angel walking among us.

Kyle MacLachlan's Twitter (left) / Via

Kyle MacLachlan is one of the good guys -- maybe the good guy. To love an amazing character who is played by an amazing actor is a blessing.

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