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20 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts From The Heart

RE: BUZZFEED LIFESTYLE WRITER. Valentine's Day is a time to acknowledge those special people in our lives. But that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive food and gifts. Instead, show your love through effort and make some of these wonderful DIY gifts for your loved ones this year.

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1. Custom Coupons / Via

Coupons for dates, breakfast in bed, and special favors are a thoughtful present for your significant other. You can either design your own, or download these pre-made coupons for an inexpensive, but personal gift.

2. Erasable Message Board


Give this decorative, erasable message board for Valentine's Day so you can let your loved one know what they mean to you all year. You just need a picture frame, some dry erase markers, and a printer or decorative paper. Visit here for instructions.

3. Personalized Glasses

Thistle Wood / Via

This gift is both cute and useful. Just use sticker stencils and etching cream to create a personalized glass for your partner. Visit here to find out how.

4. Beer Bouquet

Christina Guan / Via

While roses are nice, they can be expensive and quick to die. Instead, try giving this bouquet full of your loved one's favorite drinks and candies. Instructions can be found here.

5. Valentine's Day Eggs In a Blanket

Reclaiming Provincial / Via

Who doesn't like food and sleeping in? Treat your lover to this cute and easy breakfast this Valentine's Day. Serve it in bed and they'll be sure to appreciate your all your effort.

6. Custom Cuff Links

Something Turquoise / Via

How about gifting a pair of custom cuff links that are both functional and thoughtful? You can buy the supplies here and customize the design yourself following these instructions.

7. Love Potion Kit

Just Another Day in Paradise / Via

Give this fun little drink set this Valentine's Day. Fill it with your partner's favorite drinks and enjoy a relaxing evening together. You can find the template for all the decorations and instructions here.

8. Decorative Candles

Rachel Smith / Via

Easy to make following these simple instructions, these candles could be placed in a bedroom or bathroom to add mood lighting to your Valentine's Day festivities.

9. Strawberry Roses

Debbie Chapman / Via

Instead of going the traditional route, why not give a bouquet of strawberry roses for a gift that is both unique and sweet. Learn how to make them here.

10. Bacon Roses

Sara Wells / Via

The title says it all. Maybe your lover isn't into strawberries. Instead, give them a bouquet of delicious, salty bacon. The instructions can be found here, along with a cute card template to go with.

13. Bath Bombs

Inspired By Charm / Via

These take a little more time and money, but bath bombs are popular item these days that are sure to be a hit with any bath lover. Make your own with your partner's favorite fragrance and prepare a relaxing bath for the perfect gift. Instructions can be found here.

14. Heart String Art

Michelle Edgemont / Via

If you're looking to give a decorative gift, this string art is fun and easy to make. Follow these instructions and customize the pattern to show how much you care.

16. Candy Jar

The Thinking Closet / Via

If you have a printer and a sense of humor, you can make this cute, old fashioned gift full of your partner's favorite candies. They'll appreciate the thought and the laughs. Here are the instructions and the label templates.

18. His And Hers Throw Pillows

Jess Abbott / Via

Spruce up a pair of throw pillows for a thoughtful gift that is both trendy and comfortable. Perfect for cuddling together this Valentine's Day. Find out how to make them here.

19. Pixel Heart Charm

How About Orange / Via

This little charm is both versatile and easy to make. Use it for a key chain, bookmark, necklace, or anything else you think your partner will love. Visit here for instructions and the pixel heart template, or create your own design for a more personalized gift.

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