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Why 2017 Is NOT Going To Suck

Reasons to be hopeful about this next trip around the sun. Because let's face it, 2016 was a Suck Fest.

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Everyone's talking about the crucial role of art and artists again. Extra snaps to HILARIOUS provocateur Alison Jackson.

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You can find inspiration other from nations who've faced epic civil unrest ... and actually travel there for inspiration. Some of 2017's hyped travel "hot" spots include Belfast, Nicaragua, Rwanda and Serbia.

There will be phenomenal entertainment to distract you. Yes, Netflix is abuzz with incredible shows. Yes, there's a Star Wars flick coming out, but there's also plenty of non-blockbuster-related excitement. Daniel Day-Lewis and P.T. Anderson are teaming up again, Katheryn Bigelow is directing John Krasinski, and Alexander Payne and Matt Damon are in cahoots. Hooray for Hollywood!

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