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Payback's A Cat (In A Fur Coat): Inspo For Melania's Valentine's Day Wish List

Let's face it ... she's doing The Donald a EWG favor here by taking on this whole FLOTUS thing. So let's help him make Valentine's Day tremendously, bigly, best-ever-level great again!

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Let's start with a sphinx in a fur coat. This exotic feline bares a striking resemblance to the beautiful FLOTUS, and she'll need a trusted friend and companion. And a cat wearing a fur coat is TREMENDOUS.

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A private island retreat. "Melania Isle," if you will.

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Something for the new White House "Glam Room." Crystal chandeliers, precious marble from Italy, gilded mirrors, whathaveyou ...

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Nightstand decoration with an "alternative" spin ... (C/o of Kellyanne Conway's suggested reading list.)

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Every kitty's home is her "scratching castle," but it might be nice to buy Sphinxey a special one.

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This $28,000 golden peacock figurine from Neiman Marcus. Perfect for the White House lawn!

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