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14 Ridiculously Fun Ideas For Your Next BFF Date

Lock it in. Celebrate your friendship with the newest friends on the block, CADBURY DAIRY MILK with OREO.

1. Try your hands at pottery.

You never know, you might be wheely good! (Sorry.)

2. Put aside an afternoon to actually cook all the recipes you send each other.


The best part? Eating everything after.

3. Take a swing at the driving range.

Courtesy of Ella Killworth

Everyone knows wearing tartan pants helps you play better, probably.

4. (Attempt to) give each other a nail art manicure.

The results will either be really great or really hilarious. Get some design inspo here.

5. Take a hike! Literally!

Spencer Bergen / BuzzFeed

Don your activewear and spend the day exploring one of our amazing national parks.

6. Or take it to the next level and spend the night glamping.

Alex Graves (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: 87244355@N00

All the fun of camping with only a fraction of the effort. Pack your overnight bag and get excited.

7. Pack the car full of snacks and head to the drive-in.

Not only can you eat whatever you want, no one can tell you off for talking too loudly. Find your nearest cinema here.

8. Throw down your rug and spend an afternoon picnicking.

Courtesy of Benjamin Juzwin

There's something about sitting on the ground and eating with your hands that makes food taste better, don't you reckon?

9. Host a ~themed~ movie night with snacks inspired by the movie you're showing.

Courtesy of Benjamin Juzwin

Costumes are optional but encouraged.

10. Get some culture at an art gallery.

Edwin Hughan / BuzzFeed

So cultured. Find out what's on here.

11. Then make some art of your own at a live drawing class.


(Just try to keep your sniggering to yourselves, ploise.)

12. Have a good ol' fashioned sleepover.


Any excuse to wear PJs, really.

13. Visit a winery and do a cellar door tasting.

Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

You know what goes great with wine? Cheese.

14. Literally do nothing.

BuzzFeed Video / Via

At the end of the day, you both know it doesn't really matter what you do. You'll manage to have fun no matter what.

Celebrate your BFF with newfound friends, CADBURY DAIRY MILK with OREO. Check out their friendship story here.

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