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13 Reasons Life Is More Fun With Your Bestie

You two together = awesome². Celebrate your BFF with the newest friends on the block, CADBURY DAIRY MILK with OREO.

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1. You can be 100% yourself around them, and you know they'll never judge you.

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Which means you never have to worry about them "walking in" on you.

2. You enjoy the comfort of knowing you'll never have – *GASP* – zero likes on any of your Instagram photos.


3. And they'll ALWAYS tell you if you have something wedged in your teeth.


Instead of letting you walk around all day looking like a fool.

4. You can literally do nothing together for hours, and you'll still have the best time.

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You find yourself enjoying the most mundane things.

5. Even exercise becomes bearable!

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6. You can't remember the last time you actually had to invite them somewhere.


The fact they're coming is just implied.

7. And it's basically mandatory that you attend each other's "family-only" events.

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Plus-ones for life.

8. You no longer worry about what other people think because you know they've always got your back.

9. Binge-watching shows is infinitely better when you can laugh/discuss/theorise with them.

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Who else will listen to your long, convoluted fan theories?

10. If you ever get to work together, you can't believe you're actually getting paid to hang out.

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11. You regularly send each other into hysterical laughing fits.

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Often to the point that no sound comes out.

12. And most of the time, other people have no idea what you're on about.

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13. But the best part is knowing even a crappy day will be OK, as long as you can get a hug from your BFF at the end of it.

Celebrate your BFF with newfound friends, CADBURY DAIRY MILK with OREO. Check out their friendship story here.

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