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    30 Things From Walmart That'll Help You Appreciate The Great Outdoors From The Comfort Of Your Backyard

    Suns out. Funs out.

    1. An inflatable pool perfect for homes with the tiniest of backyards. You and your crew can still squeeze comfortably into the shallow end to cool off and vibe without having to trek to a public pool.

    three adults chilling in the inflatable pool

    2. Or, an inflatable above-the-ground pool if your space can accommodate something larger. Best part? You can put it away when the weather turns!

    the above the ground pool

    3. A wicker egg chair ready to be your go-to reading spot while you finish up Killers of the Flower Moon before it hits theaters this fall.

    the chair on the porch

    4. A five-piece patio set with everything you need to lounge and entertain this season. It comes with a sectional, a table, and two additional ottomans that can double as seats.

    the five piece set in black

    5. A frozen drink maker from Drew Barrymore's Beautiful line because what's a backyard shindig without tasty drinks to quench the thirst? Tiny umbrellas sadly not included.

    6. A camping tent to buy now and use now! You don't need to nestle deep into the woods to use this three-bedroom tent. Go camping in the backyard with room to spare for your friends or the whole family.

    the tent set up with people around it

    7. A 6-foot folding table for an extra surface during outdoor weekend brunches. It's super easy to set up and collapse and comes with a handle that makes it convenient to carry.

    8. A gas firepit table you can turn on whenever you want to warm up, roast some dogs, or toast some 'mallows. If you can't go to the campfire, bring the campfire to you.

    the fire pit

    9. A splash pad so the littles can get in on the water action without the parents worrying about them getting caught in the deep end. This pad even comes with little duckies to accompany their aquatic fun time.

    kids playing with the splash pad

    10. Or, a Cocomelon splash pad sure to get your littles off their screens and into the backyard scene. And let's face it, I'm sure you could use a break from Cocomelon, too. 😂

    the cocomelon splashpad with the water on

    11. A bug zapper lantern in case you love the outdoors, but not necessarily everything that comes with it — especially the bugs. This lantern will get rid of those bugs and also doubles as outdoor lighting.

    the bug zapper

    12. Twister Splash, the same classic topsy turvy game that'll leave you bent into a pretzel now with the added fun of sprayers.

    people playing twister splash

    13. A 4-in-1 yard game featuring BIG fun in the form of flip cup, pong, quarters, and slap cup. The set includes twelve oversized cups, two oversized pong balls, and two oversized quarters. Everything you need for OVERSIZED fun.

    14. A string of outdoor lights you can drape along your gazebo, fence, or patio door to set the mood for a chill summer evening.

    an image of the lights draped on a window at night

    15. An outdoor inflatable screen just begging to bring that drive-in energy to your home. Pull up to the backyard with your blankets and pillows for a movie marathon under the stars.

    16. And a portable projector because you'll need something to project the movies with while you catch up on all the films from the Fast and Furious franchise.

    the projector

    17. A compact grill for grilling up corn, burgers, potatoes, hot dogs, and so much more. Backyard BBQs are the epitome of summer szn, people.

    the portable grill with food cooking

    18. A BBQ prep station so you'll have everything you need to make your meal right at your fingertips. No more going in and out of the house to chop the veggies and rinse the knives.

    the bbq prep station with sink

    19. A Bluetooth solar-powered wireless speaker that blends into the outdoors with its rock aesthetic to maintain that natural look in your yard. And, it can still belt out bangers to keep the party going. Winning!

    the solar powered speaker that looks like a rock

    20. A giant bubble kit pretty much destined to be the hit of any party you have this year. Kids and adults will have a blast creating giant bubbles hoping to catch them with their hands as they float away.

    21. A quilted double hammock for lazy days when relaxing is at the top of the to-do list. Here's a challenge: try to lay on the hammock and not fall asleep. I double-dog dare you.

    the double hammock in teal

    22. A patio dining set complete with an awning to shield you from the sun when the weather is simply too lovely to be indoors.

    the patio set

    23. An inflatable ottoman you can keep on deck for added seats at the soiree or to use as a footrest to kick your feet up after a long shift of being the ~host with the most.~

    24. A retractable privacy screen because some people just don't know how to mind their business. This screen will help them do just that while also providing UV protection.

    the privacy screen before and after

    25. A double glass mason jar dispenser perfect for holding your famous *secret recipe* lemonade and sweet tea that's always the first to go during family cookouts.

    the two mason jar dispensers on a kitchen counter

    26. An outdoor storage bin to keep all of your outdoor essentials nearby. Reviewers say it's airtight, too, and keeps their cushions, pillows, and other items dry in rainy weather.

    the outdoor storage

    27. An outdoor rug channeling the spirit of The Golden Girls via the gorgeous palm tree print, ready to add a touch of beach decor to your yard.

    the outdoor rug featuring palm tree leaves

    28. An outdoor side table so you can have a place to keep your phone, book, and snacks while you join in on a game of volleyball or dip your feet in the pool.

    the yellow side table

    29. A wooden swing set that'll make the kiddos glad to be outside! They'll have their very own piece of the park in their own backyard. Major parent points!

    the swing set

    30. An 8-foot trampoline complete with a safety net to provide a sheltered enclosure so you can leap with joy that summer is finally here, without worrying about ending up in a TikTok fail video.

    a child jumping on the trampoline

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