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    I Would Feel Too Greedy If I Didn't Share These 20 Target Products

    When you see something you gotta say something.

    1. A modern floor lamp with shelving here to solve that dark spot in the corner of your living room. The extra storage is just a bonus but we'll take it!

    black shelf lamp with three shelves in living room corner

    2. A vitamin C serum formulated to help you tackle various skin issues ranging from hyperpigmentation and dryness, to uneven tone and sunburn. This specific formula is great for oily baddies. *raises hand*

    a model using the serum

    3. A double-burner griddle, dual-purposed for cooking on the stove or in the oven. It's excellent for the days when you want to make everything in one pan, as it affords you enough room to do so.

    the double burner griddle on a stove cooking sausage and bread

    4. A cropped '90s-inspired shirt in case you're feeling like pulling inspo from Katie Holmes in an episode of Dawson's Creek for your OOTD.

    a model wearing the shirt in a soft pink

    5. An adorable purple candle not only giving your space an eye-catching pop of color but will fill your area with the sweet smells of mandarin orange, tangy tropical fruits, and notes of vanilla.

    the purple candle that reads iykyk which stands for if you know you know

    6. A rocking lounge chair for the book-lover looking to create the perfect ~comfy~ nook. It has a pocket on the side for easy access to relaxation essentials.

    the lounge chair in cream

    7. A makeup primer from E.l.f. that will grab your makeup and not let go until you wash it off at the end of the day. Reviewers say the never knew the power of a good primer until they tried this. #SayLess

    8. A midi ruched dress — casual yet chic, what appears to be a simple, lightweight dress carries much more personality with its ruched bodice. This Barbie is out of the box and into the real world now.

    9. A Clorox air purifier so you can remove particle matter, bacteria, mold, and other pollutants from the air for an actual easy breezy day.

    the purifier

    10. A pack of flushable wipes made with plant-based fibers so they're actually flushable. A lot can happen down there, in the nether regions, and these little wipes are here to help you feel fresh and clean even when you're on the go.

    the flushable wipes in bamboo and wild grass scent

    11. A pair of pencil earrings that'll make people want to take notes on your fashion choices because they're just 👏🏽 that 👏🏽 good.

    the earrings which are bejeweled completely in multiple colors

    12. A pair of tapered sweatpants for a super comfortable pants option when you have to get out to run errands and would rather be laying in bed.

    the tapered sweatpants in blue

    13. An over the door organizer to hang inside your cabinet door for increased storage and organization. No more blindly searching for the bottle of multipurpose cleaner, hoping your hand doesn't accidentally knock every other bottle over in the process.

    the organizer

    14. A color-changing diffuser for a more ambient vibe. This stylish diffuser has a larger chamber, which means it can last nine hours.

    the color changing diffuser

    15. A pair of white loafers to step into something beyond the traditional hue normally seen on this style of shoe. The white is bold and clean, adding a pop of personality to your ensemble.

    the white loafers

    16. A pumice stone begging to restore your sink, tub, and toilet to showroom new. Can you imagine the look on your folks' faces when they see you've been cleaning and putting your elbow into it?

    model using pumice stone to clean a sink

    17. A bottle of Being Frenshe hair, body, and linen mist that reviewers say is a godsend for people who love to smell amazing without breaking the budget. Plus, you can use it on your body, hair, and linens. Did you just create a signature scent? 🤯

    18. A compact cold brew maker perfect for people still working from home. You can prepare the night before to wake up to a delicious cup of ice-cold coffee.

    the cold brew coffee maker

    19. A NYX highlighter glow to bring light to your face and enhance that gorgeous skin tone. The highlighter also accentuates your bone structure. One could say it ~highlights~ your beautiful features.

    20. A laundry basket complete with separation totes that'll make laundry day easier. You can separate your clothing as the clothes pile up, and simply carry a singular tote to the washroom, complete with like colors.