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24 Cannabis Accessories You Can Totally Hide In Plain Sight

Hiding in plain sight for when the grandparents come to visit 😈

1. An amethyst pipe that could bring you all kinds of spiritual goodness, or could just help you feel good the next time you get lifted.

someone holding the amethyst crystal pipe with beautiful shades of violet and purple

2. A seashell pipe to blend right in with your oceanside beach decor. Or pretend that you're Ursula inhaling Ariel's voice the next time you blaze.

someone holding the seashell pipe in a white ceramic

3. An orb pipe that could easily be mistaken for a trendy coaster. It's small enough to fit in your hand and its design makes for a smooth hit.

4. A vibrant Lucite tray to serve as a catchall for all of your knickknacks or serve as a space for rolling your next joint.

an instagram post of the vibrant lucite tray with a design of a creature on it filled with abstract shapes in blue green pink and red

5. Or, a mini abstract tray with a transparent bottom that'll blend in with whatever background it's set against.

an instagram post of the minimal abstract tray that has just three designs and a clear bottom

6. A ceramic pipe because you've been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes since forever and feel like solving a mystery every time you puff on modern version of his pipe.

someone holding the ceramic pipe that is shaped like a sherlock holmes pipe

7. A heart pipe designed with a deep bowl so you can pack a lot in. This chillum style pipe will fill your home with love whether it's stashed away in a drawer or displayed as a beloved trinket.

an instagram image of the heart shaped glass one hitter

8. A pack of gold rolling papers in case you're looking to put some ~24-karat magic in the air.~

the gold rolling papers

9. A grinder that'll keep your plants comfy on your bookshelf, blending into the scene, until the next time you need to grind.

10. An oversized glass ashtray to glisten each time the natural light pours through your windows. When it's not being your ashtray, it's a beautiful desk paperweight.

the glass ashtrays in teal and pink and we can see the dip in the glass made for resting the joint or incense

11. Or, a playful art ashtray just begging to pull together all the colors in your room or serve as inspo for a decor makeover.

the ash trays that have an abstract pattern in colors of yellow white blue orange pink purple and red all over

12. A glass joint holder modeled after a cis-woman's body to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn for a vintage smoke session.

the glass joint holder in amber

13. A pop art storage case for keeping all of your lifted essentials organized and in one place. The colors pop and will make finding your stash much easier.

14. A circle pipe that'll camouflage itself as a vase when it's not in use. So really, you're getting two products in one.

the circle pipe being used as a vase with flowers inside

15. A splurge-worthy table top lighter complete with its own ash tray, is a sophisticated marble dream to any house that gives it a home.

the table top lighter in an alabaster white marble

16. A peach pipe, ripe for the picking that'll look great nestled among your plant babies on your floating book shelves.

someone holding the peach pink peach pipe to show how small it is

17. A transparent case lighter because you're a snazzy smoker and those gas station lighters just won't do.

the transparent lighter that is clear on the outside and shows that the actual inside of the lighter is gold plated

18. A ring joint holder perfect for the extra smoker who refuses to hold their j with their bare fingers. just insert the joint in the crescent moon, and your finger in the ring, puff and don't pass, because you deserve it all to yourself.

the ring joint holder with a crescent moon as the place where you place the joint and the holder is gold plated with a star in the center

19. A donut pipe that could only be better if it was actually dipped in glaze.

a donut pipe in an orange ombre to yellow

20. A pack of swirl patterned rolling papers to let your artistic sensibilities extend beyond your pipes and trickle down to your papers.

21. An incense holder and pipe in a beautiful honey-inspired color, that'll make for an ultra smooth sesh. "Alexa, play 'Honey' by Mariah Carey so we can vibe."

a product shot of the incense holder and pipe among bouquets of flowers

22. A cat paw pipe to add to your shrine of cat-lover ceramics on that shelf that you never quite get around to dusting. Plus, you can slip into your purse to get as high as cats can jump on a Saturday afternoon.

someone holding the tiny cat paw pipe

23. A glass cloche with matches because smoking can be a social function and this is your version of setting out the ~good china.~

the glass cloches in black and purple with matches inside

24. A marble rolling tray in case you're looking for a pastel dream to adorn your countertop.

the marble rolling tray in pink and yellow marble streaks on an opal dish

You and your friends after you get a new pipe: