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    21 Affordable Things From Target That Basically Pay For Themselves After The First Use

    Well worth the money — ka-ching.

    1. A cold brew coffee maker ideal for early risers who love to have their coffee waiting for them in the morning. The coins we spend on a cup of coffee add up — if you make your own at home, those coins can go back into your summer vacation fund where they belong. ☀️

    the cold brew maker in white

    2. A spackling kit to save you 1) time looking for a local wall repairer and 2) money so you won't have to pay someone to repair the wall. No, it won't patch up a wall if the Incredible Hulk comes crashing through, but minor holes and scratches don't stand a chance.

    someone using the spackling kit to repair a hole in the wall

    3. A menstrual cup because menstruating is hard enough without having to shell out extra funds for tampons and pads every month.

    the menstrual cup

    4. A Hot Ones Truth or Dab Game so you can skip the night on the town for a spicy night in — literally. It's an easy setup and breakdown game that can fit nicely in your carry-on during road trips, Airbnb weekend getaways, and rainy days. Run out of hot sauce? *Whispers* — just grab a few from your nearest fast food restaurant.

    the truth or dab game

    5. A six-pack of furniture markers perfect for your most-loved (and most scuffed) items. The pack comes in an array of standard furniture colors so you can camouflage any knicks and scrapes. You can also use the pens on wood or laminate flooring.

    the furniture repair markers

    6. A mini gel nail polish kit in an adorable macaron shape sure to become your favorite travel accessory. Imagine being able to give yourself a flawless mani and pedi at home. You're welcome.

    someone giving themselves a gel manicure with the pink set

    7. A box of OxiClean that'll save you from that embarrassing moment when a house guest asks, "Um, what's that spot on your couch?" And since it's multipurpose, you can use it on rugs, upholstery, grout, tile, and laundry!

    the box of oxi clean

    8. A microfiber sponge ideal for making your foundation stretch further by gifting you with flawless application and effortless blending. People will think you have a personal makeup artist on payroll.

    the sponges in blue

    9. A Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush that reviewers say has the best battery ever and will also give you a more effective brush. With this thing, routine trips to the dentist stay routine with the simple peak-and-clean treatment.

    10. A makeup brush shampoo perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges without leaving behind residue, which will help them last longer. It's also cruelty-free and vegan.

    someone pouring the shampoo on a makeup brush

    11. A super sticky lint roller just begging to help you keep your furry pet's hair out of your comfy couch. You love your fluffy friend, but you also love your couch. This lint roller will help you keep it clean. You can use it on furniture, clothing, in your car, and more.

    12. A six-quart Instant Pot which gives you seven products in one compact appliance. This might lean on the pricier side but within this one pot, you have a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, and food warmer. One pot to rule them all!

    the instant pot

    13. A wine preserver complete with stoppers in case you're tired of discarding wine bottles you can't seem to finish in one evening. Now, you can seal it up and save it for your next after-work party for one.

    the wine preserver with two stoppers

    14. An orthopedic seat cushion because sometimes sitting on your butt can be painful. Who would've thought? Reviewers say this cushion has been a godsend for their back injuries and tailbone pain. Use it in your office chair, car seat, and anywhere else your bum could use more love.

    15. A flat tire kit to keep in your car for emergencies. It'll actually fix your tire long enough to get to the nearest repair shop without having to empty your savings to pay for a tow.

    the fix a flat

    16. A portable blender that is, dare I say, a commuter's best friend. Getting up and going is hard, even for the most morning-friendly individual. Not to mention oversleeping for a few minutes can drastically delay your morning. So instead of running through the drive-through to grab your morning smoothie, save those dollars by blending your own while on the go.

    17. A 135-piece household tool kit to try and fix minor household issues yourself before calling the repairman. More than likely, there's a YouTube tutorial that could get you started — and paired with this kit, you've got all the tools you need in your arsenal.

    18. A home waxing kit so you can touch up the areas you want to remove hair on the days you feel like being hairless (whenever that may be 😛).

    the wax kit

    19. A five-pack of reusable wipes to replace disposable paper towels. These can be rinsed and reused up to 10 times and are also machine washable.

    20. A pack of reusable silicone straws you can bend and fold into small drawer spaces. And because they're made of silicone, you can also cut them down to size for shorter cups and tumblers.

    21. A waterproofer spray so your favorite shoes can be shielded from all the weather Mother Nature wants to throw at them. Your boots will stay good as new for as long as possible. No more singing Missy Elliot at the first drizzle, "I can't stand the rain..."

    the water proofer spray

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