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7 Tips To Overcome Gambling Addiction

Addictions are of various types and forms. However, gambling addiction is among the most destructive.

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A lot of people who are addicted to gambling can do anything possible in order to remain in the act. It is not uncommon seeing people who resort to stealing, lying, deceit, involving in huge debts (financial and physical) and other dubious means to raise funds to support their addiction. It is amazing to discover that gambling in most part of the world is legal. Unlike in time past, there are many gambling activities nowadays. Several forms abound on the internet in form of online casinos. Gambling addiction begins with the individual.

Many people are of the opinion that the ease with which many gambling sites offer this service makes it easy to be addicted to it. People do not necessarily need to put up any appearance in any local bookies to place their bets as they can do so in the comfort of their homes any time of the day.

To be frank, gambling is widely known. Many people across the globe gamble by placing bets in popular sports like the World Cup, FA cup, European League, etc, while the lottery is not left out. At this level, gambling is still within acceptable limit. A destructive stage of gambling occurs when people get addicted to it. This is not only harmful and dangerous, but it produces devastating consequences.

There are many organizations working hard to create people's awareness about the worsening condition of gambling addiction. An example is an NGO known as Safer Gaming, which offers group support to people that clearly have such problems. The good news is that there are solutions to compulsive gambling.

Below are 7 tips to overcome gambling addiction.

1. Open Mindedness And Willingness To Change

This is the first step towards quitting this destructive act. You need to admit or acknowledge this problem and be willing to start a new life entirely. Remember the willingness must be there. If you profess to quit this habit and you still keep the company of gambling addicts, all your efforts to change will be in vain. By realizing this problem and accepting the fact that you need help, the problem is half solved.

2. Have A Strong Determination

Having expressed willingness to change, you should make a firm decision and determination to quit the habit completely. You can do this by stop visiting the gambling venue. If it is online, you can help yourself by deleting all gambling sites from your computer. Don't be tempted to leave any since out of sight is out of mind.

3. Substitute Gambling With Other Gambling Unrelated Activities

Hobbies like watching movies, sports, reading, taking a walk or enrolling in a gym are some of the activities you can substitute for gambling. You can even enroll in skills acquisition program to learn more vocation. Whatever you do, what matters most is that you should not gamble.

4. Consult A Counselor

In case you feel you cannot quit gambling through your own self effort, it is essential you consult a professional and seasoned counselor for assistance. Ensure the counselor specializes in compulsive gambling addiction or hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist will use his or her vast experience in this field to replace the negative thoughts in the subconscious mind of the gambler to positive thoughts.

5. Join Treatment Centers

There are treatment centers which you can join to get rid of gambling addiction. A popular one is the Gamblers Anonymous group. You can locate one in your area. It offers group support to gambling addiction in a healthy manner through a twelve step program.

6. Don't Turn Back

Truth be told, complete freedom from any form of addiction is not easy, but with determination, you will get over it. The urge for continuity may creep in again, but you need to stand firm in your decision and be resolute. Instead of falling into this temptation, reflect on the horrible state you are before making your initial decision of quitting. Ponder on your helpless and sorrowful state prior to receiving help. Think about your state of emptiness. Your inner mind will be strengthened while you will regain the strength and courage to move on.

7. Read Books

You can further assist yourself to overcome gambling addiction by reading a lot of self help books which centre on the subject and various ways of overcoming it. Your local library and the internet are recommended sources through which you can get these books. You will discover great transformation within a short period of time.

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