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17 Kinds Of People Who Will Love The BuzzFeed Food Newsletter

Who's hungry?

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1. Providers

Taking care of people is your calling. No matter who they are – your kids, your roommates, your special somebody – you feel duty-bound to make sure that they're always healthy, happy, and full. Life is pretty much one long trip to the grocery store for ingredients, so any help figuring out affordable, easy, and crowd-pleasing things to do with them is much appreciated.

2. Health Fiends

You know darn well that tasty and good-for-you do not have to be mutually exclusive, and you're always on the lookout for delicious things that fit your diet – whether it's gluten-free, vegan, paleo, diabetic or just plain healthy. You may keep a close eye on your intake, but you love a good after-dinner food coma just as much as the next person.

3. People Who Care Deeply About Breakfast

Emily Fleischaker /

Making an incredible breakfast sets the tone for a productive day, so no matter how pressed you may be for time in the morning, you're always sure to eat something great: eggs, granola, a smoothie… And on the weekends, when you AREN'T pressed for time? You are the Michael Jordan of brunch.

4. Hungry Travelers

The first thing you do when you know you're taking a trip is start asking people where you should eat when you get there. The second thing you do is start thinking about what kind of snacks you're going to take with you. Sightseeing is fine, but sightseeing in a neighborhood with great street food and a fabulous dinner reservation to look forward to after is infinitely better.


5. Lazy-Smart Cooks / image by John Gara

Look, you want to cook, you really do; it's good for you and saves money and impresses people, but who has the time? Shopping is hard and prep takes forever and oh god dirty dishes why. THERE HAS TO BE AN EASY WAY TO MAKE AMAZING FOOD.

6. Coffee Fanatics


The first thing you think about when you open your eyes in the morning is coffee, but even after that, it's never too far from your mind. Coffee is the glorious elixir of life, and you are in endless pursuit of the perfect cup. You study brewing techniques like a conductor studies classical music.

7. Daredevils

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

There is no dip with too many layers for you to make it; there are no banned grain-alcohol slushies boozy enough for you not to take the icy, illicit plunge. If someone dared you to jump over a pool filled with nachos on a flaming motorcycle, the only reason you wouldn't do it is because who jumps over a pool of nachos when you could put your face in it?

8. Cooks Without A Proper Kitchen

Bill Hogan / Chicago Tribune / MCT via

Look, ANYONE can make something impressive with an actual oven, but you believe that true glory is reserved for the hot-plate-using, microwave-rocking, mini-fridge-stocking, kitchen-less MacGyvers of the food world. You are a human Swiss Army Knife: Give you two eggs and a coffee pot and you'll make an Insta-worthy breakfast in a second.


9. Pinterest Addicts / composite by Chris Ritter

Nothing makes you happier than spending time on a good project, whether it's baking up a perfect DIY version of your favorite snack food or figuring out the smartest way to organize your spice cabinet. You know that planning a party can be even more fun than throwing it, and there's no feeling more satisfying than turning out a dish that looks even more amazing in real life than it did online.

Christine Byrne /

You are a ninja and the kitchen is your proving ground. You want to master every single cooking skill there is: perfectly quartering a chicken, creating the world's greatest stocks and sauces from scratch, flawlessly julienned carrots. For you, the best way is the only way.

12. Fast-Food Enthusiasts

In-N-Out is your temple and frozen coffee drinks are your holy water; the announcement of the Waffle Taco was your very own national holiday. You always want to be first to know when something new and crazy is on the horizon, and if there's a secret order to be made, you'd give basically anything to know the magic words.

13. People Who Always Order Dessert

You have trouble believing that there are people out there with just one sweet tooth, because sweet teeth are all you have. Hearing someone say that they "aren't really a dessert person" confuses and frightens you: WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DOESN'T LOVE DESSERT?

14. Booze Hounds

All things wine, liquor and beer make your heart sing. You're always down to try something new and stock the liquor cabinet of your mind with more knowledge. You're the life of every party, and all your friends know that when you arrive it's time to open up the really good stuff.


15. People Who Care Where Their Food Comes From

You're a firm believer that a stronger, more fair and honest food system is a powerful way to change the world for the better. You insist on knowing the truth about your food, no matter how unpleasant that truth might be. If you don't have an herb garden already, you've dreamed about planting one, and there is no amount of CSA kale that you can't convert into a week of amazing meals.

16. Pizza Lovers


The only thing you like better than eating pizza is arguing about pizza in all its beautiful forms. Actually that's not true, there's nothing you like better than eating pizza, but arguing about it is pretty fun too. Hey, who wants to order pizza?