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    22 Reasons Why Bras Are The Absolute Worst

    Bras: the most unpleasant undergarment known to womankind. Here's why.

    1. They never fit properly.

    2. When you try on bras in a store you realize you are never a true A, B, C, D — what have you.

    3. No matter how tight you make the straps they always seem to fall off your shoulders.

    4. Or they'll dig into your flesh and quietly hurt you all day.

    5. It's virtually impossible to find bras in Victoria's Secret — one of the most ubiquitous lingerie stores — that aren't stuffed til they resemble airline pillows.

    6. Or that just generally aren't absurd-looking.

    7. You might try a new minimalist bra one day — only to get to work and discover that you nip right through it.

    8. Also, bras are pretty much always over-priced.

    9. Not to mention, a complete bitch to care for.

    10. Like... hand washing? AS IF.

    11. There is no good bra to wear with backless or cut-out dresses.

    12. You will talk yourself into a a lace bra, put it on, and realize it feels like wearing this:

    13. Basically every lace bra is itchy and horrible-feeling.

    14. And then there's ghost boobs.

    15. And the grim reality that you need a whole separate set of bras for working out.

    16. So you have to decide if you want to store them with your regular bras or find a whole separate drawer for them entirely.

    17. Even sports bras look ridiculous much of the time.

    18. But you feel like you have to have cute ones, because— quite tragically — no one wears this to the gym anymore.

    19. In sum: bras are pretty much a giant hassle all around.

    20. And always make you wonder if you'd be just as well off wearing a bikini top under your clothes.

    21. Or if you should just give up on bras entirely.

    22. Because if you threw out all your bras, you probably wouldn't even miss them.

    Kate Upton sure doesn't.