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    OMMA Premium Display - Beyond Pre-Rolls And Viral Hits: Bringing Scale And Accountability To Custom Video Projects - September 30, 2014, New York, NY

    Speaker: Melissa Rosenthal, Senior Director of Creative Services, BuzzFeed, September 30, 2014, New York, New York

    Driven by double-digit growth in both media spend and consumer use, digital video is the new premium display. But the repurposed TV spot and 60-second hit-or-miss viral ad do not integrate into people's lives. Branded video, video partnerships with major media, and a rebirth of branded episodic video are trying to break through familiar formats by helping brands entertain and inform everyday lives. Agencies, publishers and now some ad platforms are rushing in to provide custom video services that bake the advertiser into their own properties or build more entertaining and native ad experiences around the brands. But how do you map brand goals and identity against the new digital video ad and entertainment genres? Are they achieving scale and/or engagement that