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    Posted on May 21, 2014

    News:rewired Conference - July 23, 2014, London

    Speaker: Luke Lewis, Editor, BuzzFeed UK, July 23, 2014, MSN HQ, Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL

    The first speakers and sessions announced for the July event include:

    Luke Lewis, editor, BuzzFeed UK, will be appearing on a panel discussion on private social media networks, where he will be talking about the outlet's content partnership with Whisper.

    Trushar Barot, assistant editor, BBC UGC and social media hub, will be joining Luke on the above panel to talk about private mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

    Nazanine Moshiri, roving correspondent, Al Jazeera English, will be taking part in a session on how journalists are using the social news site Reddit.

    Sarah Marshall, social media editor, EMEA, at the Wall Street Journal, will be leading a session on social media tools for journalists.

    Mark Watts, editor-in-chief, Exaro, who will discuss how journalists can carry out deeper investigations on the web, around documents, reports and freedom of information.