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    Why I Love #MyLunarly

    One subscriber shares her experience with Lunarly, the monthly self-care subscription box powered by the new moon and built by Scotts Miracle-Gro and BuzzFeed.

    Hi, I'm Dominique. I started getting Lunarly boxes a few months ago and I've been totally transformed into a plant nurturing nature goddess.

    I've always wanted houseplants, but my thumb is about as green as Southern California in August. Combine that with my constant traveling and it's a recipe for dead crispy plants that you scold yourself for even considering taking care of and then sheepishly shove down your garbage disposal and then wonder – wait is this one of those things that shouldn't go in the garbage disposal?

    Anyway, my first Lunarly box arrived in October, and this beautiful Gold Dust Croton arrived on my doorstep along with a few witchy self care goodies like a rose quartz and incense.

    All of a sudden I was on plant forums and analyzing my apartment for the best sunny spots.

    I'll be honest with you, I kept that dear plant (whom I affectionately named Mr. Planty) alive for a whopping one week until I had to leave on a weeklong trip. RIP Mr. Planty.

    But, the miraculous thing about subscription boxes is that next month you get to try all over again! Mr. Planty II is still kicking, and it's due in part to all I learned from his predecessor.

    That's what I love about Lunarly: with each box you're building on your experiences from before, you're learning how to deepen your self-care, or what a plant looks like when it wants you to chill out on all that watering.

    Dominique Star is an LA based musician and blogger. You can find her posting stories with her sassy Ewok pal Mochi on instagram (@doremidom) or on her blog Stardust,, which is devoted to all things witchy, travel, and style related.