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    Starting From "One Watch Will Do" To "I Couldn't Get Enough," I Ranked All The "Smiling Friends" Episodes

    It's hard to beat Mip.

    Smiling Friends is quite possibly the best show that no one is talking about right now. And while all the episodes are great and funny in their own way, I took the liberty to rank them worst to best:

    8. "A Silly Halloween Special"

    7. "Who Violently Murdered Simon S. Salty?"

    The ketchup packet crying while the purple character looks confused

    6. "Charlie Dies and Doesn’t Come Back"

    Charlie and friends standing in a snowy field

    5. "Mr. Frog"

    Mr. Frog sitting in the chair on the night talk show

    4. "Frowning Friends"

    The characters surrounding 3D Squelton sitting in the sandbox

    3. "Desmond’s Big Day Out"

    The characters talking while Mike has a gun to his head

    2. "Shrimp’s Odyssey"

    Shrimp sitting behind his gaming computers

    1. "Enchanted Forest"

    Mip laying down on the ground.

    You can catch the latest episodes of Smiling Friends on AdultSwim on Sundays at midnight ET.