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    16 Reasons I Strongly Dislike Boruto From "Naruto"

    Naruto's son is a disappointment to all of us.

    1. He’s not a good ninja

    boruto holds fist out toward camera

    2. He’s got lame powers, even outside of the ninja thing

    boruto looks to the side, hand on heart

    3. He’s got a bad attitude

    boruto has a scrunched up face as if mad

    4. His haircut is tacky

    boruto has his mouth and eyes wide open, brows furrowed, hair sticking up straight

    5. His clothes are tacky

    boruto wears a tracksuit

    6. He overly-benefits from nepotism

    boruto stands behind his dad

    7. There are cooler ninjas around

    group of other ninjas from naruto

    8. He’s got bad friends

    boruto and his friends

    9. He’s got bad nemeses

    boruto's two villain nemesis

    10. He’s got a bad voice

    boruto speaks to another person

    11. He’s too short

    boruto with thumbs up

    12. He’s too physically weak

    boruto cries next to a dead person

    13. He’s too young

    boruto stands with arms crossed

    14. He probably smells

    a character says "you smell strange boruto"

    15. He probably has a bad diet

    he eats a sandwich

    16. Naruto is terrible too

    naruto sits on a toilet