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Which Park Ave 2.0 Girl Are You

After Cinderella sadly had to depart the park ave palace, we were joined by a new member. This change combined with the personal growth of the original members has mandated the need for a new quiz! Find out which park ave 2.0 girl you are!

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  1. What pattern do you like the best?

  2. It's the night before a big test... How late do you stay up?

    11PM... I need to get good sleep!
    3-4AM... Who needs sleep?
  3. What's your favorite TV show?

    Parks and Rec
    New Girl
    30 Rock
    Naked and Afraid
    Family Feud
    Dancing with the Stars
    This Is Us
  4. What luxury can you not live without?

    Cozy fleece blanket
    My bed and netflix
    Comfy pajamas
  5. Who's your celebrity crush?

  6. What's your biggest fear?

    Bugs crawling on me
    Getting kidnapped
    Eating an inauthentic cannoli
    The window peeper
  7. What's your hidden talent?

    I can salsa dance for 4 hours straight without stopping
    If I had to, I could do a backflip double tuck spin jump and land in a split
    I could save your life if I felt like it
    I can manipulate people without them even realizing it... Mwhaha
  8. You see a twenty dollar bill on the ground... What do you do?

    Stare at it for awhile and eventually decide to take it
    Pick it up and try to find out who dropped it
    Put it in your pocket... Finders keepers!
    Leave it there in case someone comes back for it
  9. On Sunday morning at 9, you're most likely....

    Laying in bed since I've been awake since 5AM and couldn't fall back asleep
    Going on a long run
    Still dead asleep
    Awake but probably not doing anything productive yet
  10. What food looks most appealing?

Which Park Ave 2.0 Girl Are You

You got: Tina "Mozzarella" Martello

Being the new kid on the block won't stop you from spicing things up! Just like Tina, you love to dance, laugh, and eat cheese. More often than not, you can be found in the kitchen watching Friends on your phone and lol'ing like it's nobody's business. You're a fiery Italian and you want everyone to know it!!!

Tina "Mozzarella" Martello
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You got: Chris "Tricky Minx" Donnelly

You're quite the wild card, aren't you? Taking after the tricky minx herself, you're the type of person to ace that test on Thursday morning and then twerk your way through the weekend. No one can hold you back. You're the ultimate party animal and smarty pants. Rock on!

Chris "Tricky Minx" Donnelly
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You got: Shannon "Perfect Angel" Hickey

Wow! You must be amazing. Enough said.

Shannon "Perfect Angel" Hickey
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You got: Emily "Heart Breaker" Aversa

Hottie alert! Just like Em, you know how to get the job done while still having a good time. Perfect GPA? No problem! You ace your classes while still finding time to ride the bull at Johnny Utah's every night. Boys are crushing on you left and right... Watch out for stalkers!

Emily "Heart Breaker" Aversa
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