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Could YouTube Help Us?

What motivates you? What motivates you to get up and continue on your day.

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You may have read this title and said, "Help us…. With what?" Well YouTube is a internet site with people doing a whole lot of stuff from Make-up, Vlogging to Gaming. This site brings us all together and for some… Bring them something entertaining. I interviewed one parent and two teens to see both sides of how this website brings us closer.

First was Maddie or Maddie890 on Wattpad where she makes awesome stories please go check her out. Anyway I asked her how she thinks YouTube helps her and others? She responded by saying, "I love YouTube because it gives me a place to laugh and i get to meet people from other countries. I love YouTube because the people in the industry are just as silly as me like Markiplier." Well said by a 13 year old. She also stated someone in her message and his name was Markiplier. Markiplier or Mark Fischbach is a Youtuber who has frequently stated that he loves to meet his fans and loves what he does.

Next was Veronica who when I asked if YouTube helps her and others, she responded as such, "I believe that YouTube can be used to be a sort of medicine for the saddened or depressed. This site gives joy not just for me but for millions around the world and I hope that it stays forever." She told this to me over the Internet (as did the rest of them) but I still felt the intensity of what she said. But what she stated leads us to the last person I interviewed.

Julie or Smosh_Lover on Wattpad has told me in her interview this, "it's made me happy while going through tough times." I understood this since I myself have gone though some tough times but the next question I asked, she gave me a answer that shocked me. "I've fallen into a deep depression before, so deep that I've went to suicide. I've bled out and have been sent to the hospital." When I read this, I teared up and almost broke down crying. I felt bad and not because I've gone through it but because I have seen my friends go through it and felt horrible but she reassured me that she was heading to therapy and is ok. This shows that YouTube can not just help a rough day at school but can help people with deep depression and anxiety.

I would like to leave this off by asking you something. Do you think YouTube can help? Do you think this website can help millions?

This is Lino Rojas… Signing out.

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