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    BeatzCoin IEO On ProBit Exchange From September 30 To Power New Music & Video Blockchain Platform, VibraVid


    BeatzCoin (BTZC) focuses on providing sustainable and fair revenue to artists and could precisely be what artists, especially undiscovered musicians searching to boost the income from their work. The VibraVid platform, powered by the cryptocurrency BeatzCoin, is set to transform the way people interact with digital music and video content. This will be done via VibraVid’s in-platform tipping, purchases and overall support of content creators. The decentralized platform allows for self-marketing through the use of bounties and giveaways, hosted by the artists themselves, who finally have a platform on which they actually own their own music and creations, and price it as they please.

    There are currently more than 500 artists who have already signed up to VibraVid’s Artist Accelerator Program and ready to release their content when VibraVid’s Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is released this month. Amongst the list of artists and content creators committing to decentralization is the chart-topping Christian Hip Hop artists This, platinum recording artist Dyl, and the viral video star Randall, from the “Honey Badger” fame.

    John McAfee, who has been advising the BeatzCoin team since the spring, expressed on September 24 that blockchain technology has the power to provide the artists and musicians the ownership of their own creation. He also called on his audience to look into the BeatzCoin IEO hosted on the regulated Korean exchange

    “The Upcoming @BeatzCoin IEO On Probit.Com From September 30 Will Power The VibraVid Platform To Liberate Countless Artists & Reward Them For Their Work.”

    Blockchain has the power to give artists and musicians the ownership of their own creation. The upcoming @BeatzCoin IEO on from September 30 will power the VibraVid platform to liberate countless artists & reward them for their work.

    ProBit is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea, with an easy and fast on-boarding process for international and US-based users via The exchange boasts a quick and easy KYC process, order speed of over 1.5 million orders per second and advanced security, which supports hardware security keys and 2FA. ProBit also has one of the simplest user interfaces on the market, and the exchange only lists promising, qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects.

    VibraVid has also announced a strategic partnership between Changelly and BeatzCoin. The partnership will allow for a seamless and simple exchange of BTC, ETH and over 150 other cryptocurrencies to and from BeatzCoin (BTZC), thereby significantly increasing the user base and exposure of the VibraVid platform worldwide.

    The native BTZC token will become the first TRX-based community-driven project to be listed on Changelly, joining the Tron Foundation’s own TRX and BTT on the exchange. BTZC token will also be exposed to over 2 million global Changelly users as well as Changelly’s more than 2500 business affiliates.

    BeatzCoin has also partnered with Hong Kong-based Ellipal Hardware wallet to increase user security on VibraVid. Ellipal and BeatzCoin will work together to create a safe and easy to use blockchain infrastructure by cooperation in product development, marketing and community growth.

    Ellipal Titan, the newest wallet by Ellipal, is one of the most secure air-gapped and IP65 rated metal sealed hardware wallets on the market today with mobile support, which uses QR-codes for signing transaction, making it completely isolated from any internet connection.

    BeatzCoin is based on the highly scalable and instantly fast Tron blockchain protocol, while its decentralized streaming platform VibraVid platform utilizes BitTorrent File System (BTFS) for its distributed storage solution. VibraVid’s ultimate goal is to upend the media sharing industry by enabling self marketing and user engagement, aiming to become a decentralized answer to centralized video platforms like youTube and music services such as SoundCloud. To participate in the BeatzCoin IEO from September 30, please visit BTZC’s IEO page on ProBit:

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