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15 Things You Can Only Do In Vegas

Las Vegas is a playground unlike any other city in the world. No other place has nearly as much magic, mayhem, mystery, and man-made wonders. Learn more about the fabulous Las Vegas magic scene and see The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, now playing!

1. Play slots in the airport.

2. See a dude dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow on the street

3. Pretty much anything (in this taxi, at least).

4. Take a gondola ride in your hotel.

5. Look perfectly normal carrying around this much money.

6. Go on a water slide through a shark tank.

7. Get away with doing this to a cop car

8. Get married by a dead guy.

9. See this outside a 7-11.

10. See america's favorite mouse have one too many

11. Play slot machines with literally every possible theme and pun imaginable.

12. Get hammered inside the Eiffel Tower.

13. Literally jump out of a building.

14. Rent a hotel room with one bed for four people, and have that be the expected use.

15. See a real, authentic, stage magic show.