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13 Ways You Depend On Bees Every Single Day

Bees are responsible for more than you think. For more information on how to help, check out Burt's Bees "Bring Back The Bees" campaign now.

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8. Even some string instruments wouldn't be able to live in a bee-less world.

The glue-like substance propolis is used by bees to repair their hives. It is also used as a varnish on many string instruments, including violins!

13. And honey...well...

...honey has benefits like acting as an anti-bacterial agent, a throat soother, and an antioxidant.

And even lip balm needs bees!

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Without bees, our entire world would change. Burt's Bees wants to plant 1 billion wildflower seeds to help #BringBackTheBees. For more information on how to help check out